2005 - 2006 Season News

Photogallery World Championships 2006

Here's another photo album for your enjoyement, this time from Worlds and with beautiful photos from Calgary as bonus.

Variations on a theme of Canadian Nationals 2.0

Maybe late, but nevertheless very entertaining. Read Megis differentiated take on Canadion Nationals 2006 here!


Vera Vandecaveye: "Kevin was so motivated, I left my fulltime job"

Don’t miss the close up look at this amazing coach and mentor, the woman behind the success of Kevin van der Perren. Get an update on his condition and enjoy Vera’s story here


Photogallery European Championships 2006

To celebrate the end of the 2005-2006 figure skating season, we present to you this huge collection of photos from the European Championships in Lyon,, by several photographers. So, brace yourselves, take a snack and a drink and start watching them!


Alexander Majorov times two – meet the father/son team

At 14, Sasha was too young for Torino but he has his eyes set on Vancouver
2010. And so does his coaching dad, meet them both here

Ashley Foy and Benjamin Blum

Meet this young icedance couple with both ties to the USA and Germany. They started skating as a team together this season and took the time to talk to Helga about their goals and more. Read this interview here!

Emanuel going for the gold

One who can seriously challenge Plushenko for the victory in Torino is Canada’s Emanuel Sandhu. Armed with a quad, new moves and level 4 spins he’s ready to show the world what he’s made of. Read more here

Povilas Vanagas: "We are prepared!"

Why did they come back to eligible competition and how are they experiencing it so far? What will happen after the games? How did they end up in Antwerp anyway? Read all this and more here!

His favourite place to compete is all by himself

Why did Jeff once stop in the middle of the program and forgot he was competing? Did he ever came last in a competition? Why does he think the process is more important than the final result? And why was he scared of Michelle Kwan? Find out everything here!

Susanna Pöykiö - fit for fight!

She had to watch the Olympics in Salt Lake City on TV, but she'll be in Torino to compete for her native Finland. Hoping her time has finally come, she's ready! More here

Photo album from the European Championships -
the practice sessions

Don't miss these wonderful pictures of your favorite skaters, taken by the Absolute Skating photographers during the practice sessions. Enjoy here

Q&A with Viktor Pfeifer

Find out what Viktor likes in figure skating, what his goals are, what makes his neck hurt and many other details here!

Notes of German Nationals 2006

German nationals were in Berlin between Christmas and New Year. Frederike visited and tells us all about it, in detail! Click here to read.

Van der Perren jumping towards the top

Europeans is coming up, and whatever you do, don't miss watching Kevin! With an arsenal of jumps he's ready to take on the best, read more here

Passion on the ice

Finishing 2nd at the Italian Nationals last weekend, Federica Faiella and Massimo Scali look with confidence towards the rest of the season, the highlight certainly being the Olympic Games taking place less than 200 kilometres away from where they train daily. Read more here!

Catching up with Olivier & Isabelle

They brought home two silver medals from the Grand Prix Events in America and France this autumn and would like to manage the same in Lyon next week... Read more about Susannes talk with Isabelle Delobel & Olivier Schoenfelder here!

Interview with Shaun Rogers

Also competing at the US Nationals in St. Louis is Shaun Rogers. Even though he is on a tight schedule, he took the time to sit down with Helga and Rosalie and answer some of their pruning questions. Go!

Baldwin: "Rena is my idol"

The 2004 National Pairs Champions, Rena Inoue and John Baldwin Jr., hope to secure their spot on the Olympic team next week at the US Nationals in St. Louis. Find out what they have to say about the current season, the Olympics and their idols here!

Special series: "Talking to the Hungarian Team"

Adastra, Helga, & Kati spoke to many Hungarians involved in skating and AS will publish this special in separate blocks of interviews. This time we'll start with a serie of 3 interviews, separated by a day in publication. Enjoy:
1.1 Viktoria Pavuk
1.2 Szabolcs Vidrai
1.3 Dejan Illes!


Katarina Witts Winter Magic show 2005

Emjo went to this amazing show and luckily for us, she didn't forget her camera. View the pics here!

Alexander Uspenski - "I just try to do my best on the ice."

Read how young Russian skater Sasha Uspenski's typical days look like, what inspires him and many more details here!

The many dimensions of an International Ice Gala in Italy

Are you still looking for something to do at Christmas? Or are you wondering how it's possible to arrange an ice gala in only a few weeks time? Then look here!

The 2006 Swedish Nationals

It’s the season to be jolly and also the season for Nationals. Magdalena and Emjo attended some exciting and fun filled days at the Swedish Nationals, here’s their story.

The human heart is the same everywhere

It does not depend on what country you come from. Read the interview with Kati Hadford about her participation at the Hungarian Nationals here.

Tomas Verner - On the way to Torino

When people talk about the Czech Republic and winter sports, the topic is usually ice hockey. But there is one man, who's going to the Olympics in Torino with a pair of skates and no stick. Meet Tomas Verner!

Figure skating is a way to express yourself!

When somebody mentions the musical "Cats", two names come to my mind - Nathalie Pechalat and Fabien Bourzat. Do you also like their lovely freedance? Then don't miss this interview!

The things the audience missed – a backstage look at the Antwerp SOI shows

What was up with all the 'romance'? Who had a ridiculously big hotelroom? Who played 'cho cho'? Read all that and more in our behind the scenes story!

British Ice Figure & Dance Championships 2005

In between all our hard work on ESOI, Melanie went to British Nationals. Who break-danced at the banquet? Who wore the headband? Find out all that and more here!

Photo Album PSOI 2005 - The Sunday Show

And of course there was the Sunday show. Click here to view EMJO & Joy's excellent photos!

The Proximus Stars on Ice shows in Antwerp 2005

Many of us were in Antwerp and enjoyed the amazing shows. Joyce tells you all about them so now it's your time to enjoy!

Photo Album Proximus Stars on Ice 2005 - The Saturday Show

We had a crazy weekend in Antwerp watching all of PSOI 2005. Take a first glance at the show through Joy & EMJO's lenses here!

It is cold in Antwerp!

Read Titia's and Mireille's live report from the practice rink used by Proximus Stars on Ice. Don't miss the cast news!

The Infinity Ice Opera

It took Anna Solovieva and Mikhail Krylov four years to write and set up this very unique ice opera. Learn more about the creating process, how they got Alexei Yagudin involved and about the premiere here. And don't miss EMJO's beautiful photos here.

Always Home At St. Petersburg

Do they think they are too old to skate? Which jump has Alexei never understood? Which element does Maria dislike? Read all about that and more here!

Interview with Julia Golovina and Oleg Voiko

Julia Golovina and Oleg Voiko are a young team, yet they already have many European and World Championships behind them. Read about their long journey here!

The Chinese Nationals 2005

Absolute Skating presents this season’s first Nationals report. Event reporter Coralline spills the beans just for you. Read here!

Play and win VIP tickets to the Antwerp Proximus Stars on Ice show and many other prizes!

The winner will receive the royal treatment in the VIP lounge and a meet and greet with Emanuel Sandhu! To win this and many other prizes click here to enter!

Adventure in St. Petersburg:
Alexei and Friends show 2005

To travel to a different country to watch a skating show is insanity to many. But for EMJO and Susanna it meant a few days filled with culture, shopping and skating bliss. Read their story here!

Alexei Yagudin and Friends 2005

To view photos from this amazing show, click here!

An Evening with Champions

A world-class figure skating exhibition hosted by Paul Wylie and featuring skaters Ilia Kulik, Ekaterina Gordeeva, Tatiana Totmianina & Maxim Marinin & Kimmie Meissner. Read Alexandra Sherman's preview article about the show here!


The Proximus Stars on Ice press conference

Kevin van der Perren answered questions at the press conference in Antwerp. The complete cast, choreographer and more details on the November shows was announced, don't miss it!

"Everything in life happens with dreams"

How many Americans skaters training in Budapest do you know? There aren't that many, but Katherine Hadford is one. Read more about her life, skating and her connection to Hungary here!!

Proximus Stars on Ice 2005

The cast members for the 2005 edition of the Proximus Stars on Ice shows in Antwerp have been announced, don't miss the excitement!

"The only important thing is to improve"
- A chat with Gheorge Chiper

For Gheorge Chiper the journey towards the top has been a long one. Representing Romania he’s had to juggle family life with the struggle of poor financing and less than ideal training conditions. Continuously fighting for his aims, things are looking up. Read the full story here

The Wonderful Iceworld - A Russian Circus on Ice

Watching the Wonderful Iceworld circus was an experience of a life time, anything can be done on blades! View some pictures from the different acts here

The wonderful circus on ice; Alexei and Dimitrij speaking

On top of visiting the Russian Circus on Ice, our reporters also got the chance to talk to the 2 show choreographers. Click here to learn more about life on the road with an ice circus!

The Wonderful Iceworld

Any kind of skating event is welcome during the off season, and Helga, Judit and Hajni hit the jackpot when they went to the ice circus. Read about their wonderful adventure here!

Skating in Sweden – a visit to a summer camp

It’s summer vacation and some kids go to riding or tennis camps. But Magdalena and EMJO found some kids who would rather have ice than sun, join them at a summer skating camp!

Skating in Sweden – one on one with Kristoffer Berntsson

The best Swede in figure skating in many years, Kristoffer Berntsson, continued to make headlines during the 2004/05 season. Many have asked about him, so as a summer treat from Absolute Skating, here you go!

"I would do anything for skating"

His name is Gregor Urbas, he comes from Slovenia. He likes kiwis and he thinks ice is cold. Want to know more? Read here!

Salomé Brunner – Queen of grace

She usually stays in the background, but this time the spotlight is turned on her. Meet Salomé Brunner, the woman behind the brilliant choreography of several skaters including Stéphane Lambiel and Lina Johansson. Go!

Timothy on the line

Timothy Goebel, a famous name in figure skating. He has had many sucesses but also survived a terrible ordeal with injuries. Read how he reflects on the previous season and about his hopes and wishes for the next. Click here!

The Chris Mabee fundraiser

"A Tribute to Youth and Their Dreams" fundraiser; AS-reporter Megi visited this ice-show, dinner, silent-auction and dance. Click here to read!

Magic and Skating: A Russian Ice Show

A skating show in St. Petersburg, loaded with Russian figure skating stars. Event reporter Vera tells us all about it. Go!

Jamal came, skated and impressed the whole world

Jamal Othman, a very elegant skater with amazing spins and always a mysterious and inscrutable smile on his face. Meet him here!

Alexei Yagudin - The brightest star

The North American Stars on Ice tour is over, but for Alexei Yagudin there is no off-season, he's always busy. Read his remarks about the show and many other things here.

Stars On Ice 2005 Photo Album

More of EMJO's beautiful photos this time from the Portland show. Click here!

Piano-Skating, emotional communication without a single word - meet Romain Gazave!

AS' latest addition, the piano playing skater Romain Gazave, came not only loaded with an interesting background and fun stories but even with some presents. Click here to read more!

Canadian Stars on Ice 2005 Photo Album

Enjoy the Halifax show through EMJO's camera lens. Click here!

Impressions of Stars On Ice 2005

Smucker's "Stars on Ice" is the longest and biggest skating tour in the world. Now running in its 19th year, the show is better than ever. Read the review here!

Swinging with SKY

"Swinging Movies" – This was the title of the 5th annual show of the figure skating club SKY. Movies were being transformed into ice presentations by SKY-members and their guests. Read and see all about how fun this can be here!

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