A sneak preview into Ice Fantillusion's Celebrations

Liedekerke, Belgium

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We present the first photos of the new Ice Fantillusion show, with the reveal of the brand new decor, costumes etc. On Friday morning, the first real show took place. This was held for schoolchildren. In the solo photos: Loena Hendrickx, David Richardson (GBR), Jelle Butzen, Amber de Maeschalck, Kaat van Daele.

On Thursday the second sort of dress rehearsal took place. "Sort of" because the groups were mostly in their costumes, but not all solo-ists were, due to the cold in the icerink. After the rehearsal ended, they made grateful use of the surf-boards, to surf on the ice.
In the solo photos: Kevin Van Der Perren, Jelle Butzen

On Wednesday the first (sort of) dress rehearsal took place. Now the spotlights weren't on yet, and even less people in their costumes. Several skaters took the opportunity to watch parts of the show they normally don't get to see. On the photos you can occasionally see Kevin and Jenna direct the skaters.

These and much more photos of the Ice Fantillusion shows will be available for purchase later. For info and updates, mail Mireille Geurts.

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