Infinity 2014

Malm´┐Ż, Sweden

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Photographer: Eva Maria Jangbro (EMJO)

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Act I

Opening "I gotta feeling"

Gabriel Folkesson "Rock Medley"

Isabelle Olsson "Halo"

Group number + dancers from The Split Dance studio "Keltic drums"

Anne Line Gjersem "Perhaps"

Tomas Verner "Sexy and I know it"

Group number + dancers from The Split Dance studio, Vivaldi "Four seasons"

Viktoria Helgesson "Say something"

Tomas Verner "Dueling banjoes"

Dancers Sonny La and Cecilia Warfinge from Tangokompaniet "Tango"

Group number Tango solist Linnea Witzel and Nicole Svensson

Carolina Kostner "Ave Maria"

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