Ice Fantillusion 2017: Dreams

Liedekerke, Belgium

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Because the album is so huge - over 1500 photos! - the page looks different than our usual albums. This page functions as an index page, with the links to all seperate photo pages, from which you can return here, or go to the next scene. First we have the entire show, scene by scene and then the pre show solos, schoolshows and rehearsal photos as bonus. The standing collages are clickable to a larger version.

Act 1



We kick off with celebrating Ice Fantillusion's 10th birthday.  


After that big party it's bedtime. In the night Wendy receives a visit of Peter Pan. He teaches her how to fly and together they go to Neverland. There they find in his hiding spot a chest filled with memories...

A Magical Wish

..Of a Genie who makes all your wishes come true...  

Rhythm of the Jungle an adventure in the jungle..  


or a living chest match.

The Elegant Captain Hook

Wendy gets abducted by Captain Hook and his pirates and Peter comes to the rescue. The Pirates aren't just your every day pirates, they happen to be cursed...

101 Dalmatians

After defeating Hook they return to London and run into Cruella De Ville. She wants to make a fur coat out of Dalmatians...


Act 2


Two sisters, one Enchantment

Back in the bedroom again. It starts to snow. Wendy holds a snowgblobe and fantasizes about Arendelle and her legendary snowqueen.  

The Royal Ball

Back home, Wendy sees her own dream come true when she gets an invitation for the royal ball.
A very familiar story about a certain girl who looses her glass shoe.



Of course we end this amazing adventure with a festive party.

Schoolshow Thursday

Schoolshow Friday


Dress Rehearsal Tuesday

Dress Rehearsal Wednesday

Dress Rehearsal Thursday and training Friday


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