Grand Prix Final 2018 - Junior Ladies

Vancouver, BC

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Photographers: Tina Tyan

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Short Program


"Querer" - Anastasia Tarakanova

"A Comme Amour" - Anna Shcherbakova

"The Show Must Go On (Moonlight Sonata)" - Alena Kanysheva

"Love Theme" (from "Cinema Paradiso") - Yelim Kim

Kill Bill Medley (Bang-Bang/Battle Without Honor or Humanity) - Alexandra Trusova

"Departure (Lullaby)" from "The Leftovers" (soundtrack)/"November" - Alena Kostornaia

Free Skate

"Meditation (from 'Thais')" - Yelim Kim

"Moonlight Sonata" - Anastasia Tarakanova

"Introduction et Rondo Capriccioso" - Anna Shcherbakova

Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack (Kissing You/Forbidden Love/Love Theme) - Alena Kostornaia

"Kill the Target"/"Katana Groove"/"Lucia di lammermoor"/"The Diva Dance" (from the Fifth Element) - Alexandra Trusova

"Dreams of a Winter Journey" - Alena Kanysheva

Medal Ceremony

Press Conference

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