Grand Prix Final 2018 - Junior Men

Vancouver, BC

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Photographers: Tina Tyan

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Short Program

Introduction to Skaters

"Czardas" - Petr Gumennik

"Run Boy Run" - Stephen Gogolev

"Adios" - Koshiro Shimada

"Oblivion" - Camden Pulkinen

"Archangel"/"Flying"/"Star Sky" - Adam Siao Him Fa

"Cry Me a River" - Tomoki Hiwatashi

Free Program

Warm Up

"Winter in Buenos Aires" - Koshiro Shimada

"Take Me to Church" - Adam Siao Him Fa

"Fate of the Gods" - Tomoki Hiwatashi

"Love Theme from 'Romeo and Juliet'" - Petr Gumennik

Sherlock Holmes Soundtrack - Stephen Gogolev

"West Side Story" - Camden Pulkinen

Medals Ceremony

Press Conference

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