Notes of German Nationals 2006

Part 1

by Frederike Hylla
Photos © Bernhard Schwall*

*photos of junior skaters are from this year Nationals, the others from last year. Courtesy of

Since German Nationals were in Berlin again this year from December 27th until December 30th, I attended but unfortunately did not manage to be there all four days the competition was held. I would have loved to see more especially of the synchro skaters but Hohenschönhausen, where the competition took place, is hard to reach, so early and late events were basically not possible. Due to other commitments, I have only been there Thursday and Friday for the Junior and Senior Free Dance, Ladies Free Skating, Men and Pairs Short program as well as the gala.
It was the first time I wrote a report for a competition and it was quite a new experience because I really watched the programs in a different kind of way. I took notes on executed elements during the program, then wrote down my impressions about expression and choreography while the skaters waited for their marks. And soon I discovered that if I had not many notes apart from the elements, the program wasn't original and not well done.
What was difficult for me was to switch back and forth between dance and singles but during either one it was quite clear that everyone was doing the same things - which certainly is due to the New Judging System.

Junior Ice Dance – Free Dance

First Warm-Up Group

Solene PASZTORY/Andrew MC CRARY SUI (invited)

Current Rank: 7 Points: 47.84 (CD 1+2: 18.67 OD: 29.13)

Costume: she: black dress/he: black pants, blue shirt with a black vest

Music: "The Triplette" from Belleville

Music is upbeat;

they start out with some moves into a lift; he has difficulty holding her, she has troubles exiting; they continue with a dance sping and step sequence into another lift before going into a slow, not so clean circular step sequence; crossovers into another lift, then they finish the free with their twizzle sequence which is out of sync


overall a nice program, but slow; flow is missing and movements didnÂ’t fit the upbeat music; she was trying to keep the expression despite the difficulties

Marks: TES : 24.90
PCS : 18.09
TSS : 42.99
Total : 90.83
Free Dance Rank: 6
Final Rank: 6



Current Rank: 5 Points: 57.21 (CD 1+2: 23.70 OD: 33.51)

Costume: she: dark blue dress with turquoise and pink fabric at skirt/ he: dark blue pants and


Music: "Laplandian Music Mix"

they start out with an out of sync twizzle sequence before doing some ‘choreographical’ moves into crossovers; a cool change of position lift follows and leads into the serpentine footwork; flow is kept but steps are not too clean because of difficulty; music gets slower; they continue with an edge move similar to Delobel/Schoenfelder’s deep in the knee – parallel to the ice move; ‘choreographical’ moves lead to a lift; a fast and centered dance spin follows; music changes and gets faster again; cirular step sequence is again not clean because of difficulty; a twizle sequence follows before a final lift ends the program;

a relativly polished program; more flow especially in the beginning; expression started to faint when the slow part started; both seemed to get a little tired; they had to concentrate too much on the steps

Marks: TES : 29.20
PCS : 21.44
TSS : 50.64
Total : 107.85
Free Dance Rank: 4
Final Rank: 4



Current Rank: 6 Points: 50.40 (CD 1+2: 22.20 OD: 28.20)

Costume: she: salmon/orange colored dress/ he: black pants and shirt

Music: "I will survive"

they have a cool opening pose and start out with some fun ‘choreographical’ moves leading into a lift; transition are followed by a cool lift; the circular step sequence is slow; interrupts the flow of the program; they continue with a twizzle sequence; she has troubles keeping balance but catches up for their diagonal footwork; again slow; they’re doing a final position changing lift;

transistions are fast but not as clean; step sequence were cleaner but slower; didnÂ’t fit the upbeat music; they couldnÂ’t keep up with the energy they had at the beginning;

heÂ’s definitely the better skater; sheÂ’s unsure, tall and a little stiff in the knee; she tried to keep the expression despite their difficulties

Marks: TES : 24.70
PCS : 21.69
TSS : 46.39
Total : 96.79
Free Dance Rank: 5
Final Rank: 5

Second Warm-Up Group



Current Rank: 3 Points: 63.64 (CD 1+2: 25.66 OD: 37.98)

Costume: she: gold top with nude fabric and white mini-skirt/ he: white pants and shirt with

gold cross-necklace

Music: Beyone

during the warm up they start discussing with their coaches before going to the boards; they discuss with the judges before leaving the ice;

It is announced that they withdrew due to injury.



Current Rank: 1 Points: 69.42 (CD 1+2: 25.97 OD: 43.45)

Costume: she: red dress with black lace over it/ he: black pants and shirt with red belt

Music: The Mask of Zorro

they are a well-matched couple; she is pretty

some spanish moves open the program; steps lead into their first lift; they continue with crossovers into another lift; ‘choreographical’ moves follow; they slow a little down for their difficult circular step sequence and go right into their twizzle sequence; transitions lead into a change of foot dance spin; their diagonal footwork follows right out of transitions before a final lift;

they finish after the music; lost speed and flow during their second step sequence; a polished program with nice transitions; they have nice edges and there is definitely potential;

kept the spanish expression/feeling throughout the program; movements didnÂ’t loose attack; they are still a little shy but the base is there;

there is a huge difference between them and the first warm up group;

Marks: TES : 28.50
PCS : 30:97
TSS : 58.47
Total : 127.89
Free Dance Rank: 2
Final Rank: 1



Current Rank: 2 Points: 68.97 (CD 1+2: 25.73 OD: 43.24)

Costume: she: light pink and black dress/ he: black pants and shirt

Music: "Moulin Rouge" (Voulez Vous Coucher avec moi/El Tango de Roxane)

he stumbles during the opening moves but catches himself for a clean twizzle sequence; some nice transitions lead into their rotational lift; they finish very close to the boards in order to start their straight line sequence; his hits his own blades and stumbles again; she’s clean; another lift follows; they change positions to a Delobel/Schoenfelder lift – she ends up on his thighs while he is in a spread eagle; again they have some music fitting transitions before going into their dance spin; interesting Anissina/Peizerat like entrance – arabesque’s, they are holding each others legs while turning; nice, deep in the knee dance spin; they end their free with their serpentine footwork;

sheÂ’s very expressive; they sold the program well;

a nice free with flow; not as polished as Kolbe/Boll but their free was more difficult; they didnÂ’t loose speed because of it; nice transitions; very comfortable and confident despite mistakes; definitely a team with potential

Marks: TES : 30.40
PCS : 28.38
TSS : 58.78
Total : 127.75
Free Dance Rank: 1
Final Rank: 2


Ashley FOY/Benjamin BLUM NRW

Current Rank: 4 Points: 59.04 (CD 1+2: 23.13 OD: 35:91)

Costume: she: white and gray dress/ he: black pants and shirt

Music: "Vitas"

heavy music;

their opening moves lead into a clean twizzle sequence; transitions follow into a lift; they continue with some hydro blading moves and go into their diagonal step sequence; crossovers lead to their dance spin before another lift follows; music gets faster for their serpentine footwork; a final lift ends the free;

wasnÂ’t a choreography to remember; they have some potential but need to get more transitions; too much arm movements while nothing happends with their feet;

the program in general was slow; flow was missing especially during their step sequences;

sheÂ’s very expressive; verys dramatic;

Marks: TES : 28.80
PCS : 24.17
TSS : 52.97
Total : 112.01
Free Dance Rank: 3
Final Rank: 3

General Comments

It was obvious even in Juniors that the new judging system keeps them from developing some interpretation. The 3-minute-programs were packed and not much more elements would have fitted into it. The steps they are doing definitely are above their level therefore you hardly see a clean and/or fluid program. LotÂ’s of skate to the head lifts and not much originality.

A lot of teams have potential and the HermannÂ’s are a team to watch. For the moment their height difference is fine, hopefully it will stay like that. For the short time they have been together, Foy/Blum also were impressive.

Senior Ice Dance - Free Dance


Current Rank: 3 Points: 62.31 (CD 1+2: 23.58 OD: 38.73)

Costume: she: black dress with silver/ he: black pants and shirt

they start out with some steps into their change of foot dance spin before crossovers lead to the first lift; transitions into a clean twizzle sequence out of which they go into a slow serpentine footwork; transitions are followed by a nice lift; music changes; they do some ‘choreographical’ moves; transitions lead into another clean twizzle sequence and lift out of which they go right into their circular step sequence; difficult hand holds but slow; speed gaining crossovers into a final lift;

polished program; difficulty of steps keep them from having enough flow; too much concentration on proper doing on steps; difficult hand holds in both step sequences; many changes; well balanced program with nice choreographical ideas;

Marks: TES : 38.30
PCS : 30.35
TSS : 68.65
Total : 130.96
Free Dance Rank: 2
Final Rank: 3


Leonie KRAIL/Oscar PETER SUI (invited)

Current Rank: 4 Points: 52.65 (CD 1+2: 21.08 OD: 31.57)

Costume: arabian looking; she: red-orange-yellow skirt; gold top/ he: deep red shirt and pants

bits of yellow and orange fabric

Music: Notre Dame de Paris

they start out with some steps right into their first lift; transitions lead into a second lift which is followed by an out of sync twizzle sequence; she has troubles; they continue with a very slow serpentine step sequence; a nice dance spin is the next element before they do some transitions into a reverse lift; a normal lift follows before they have their second twizzle sequence; clean this time; ‘choreographical’ moves lead into a slow circular step sequence, their last element;

not a secure program; despite slow steps not too clean executed; skating skills are not too good; flow is missing; interesting ideas and elements; good choreography; a program with potential (if done by someone else)

he is definitely the better skater; more secure and expressive; she is careful in all of her movements;

Marks: TES : 34.50
PCS : 25.69
TSS : 58.19
Total : 110.84
Free Dance Rank: 4
Final Rank: 4


Christina BEIER/William BEIER NRW

Current Rank: 1 Points: 83.57 (CD 1+2: 32.84 OD: 50.73)

Costume: she: black dress with neon colored fabric here and there/ he: black pants and shirt

with bits of neon colored fabric

Music: Beatles Medley

after their opening moves they go right into their twizzle sequence; original with a deep in the knee position; a lift leads into a combination dance spin; ‘choreographical’ moves follow before they continue with transitions into another lift; next up is their circular step sequence; a third lift and transitions lead to their serpentine footwork; they continue with more transitions and finish with a combination lift;

polished program; clean step sequences; difficulty and flow is there; energy is missing; movements donÂ’t fit upbeat music; expression/fun is not shown;

no special choreography; nothing original which stands out;

Marks: TES : 44.40
PCS : 39.69
TSS : 84.09
Total : 167.66
Free Dance Rank: 1
Final Rank: 2



Current Rank: 2 Points: 62.80 (CD 1+2: 26.00 OD: 63.20)

Costume: she: black-grey dress with green fabric/ he: green shirt; blac-grey vest and pants

Music: RockÂ’n Roll Medley

their opening moves lead into their diagonal footwork; they follow it by a twizzle sequence and transitions into a lift; more transitions into their dance spins; ‘choreographical’moves before they again do some transitions into a cool lift with an original entrance; they continue with transitions and another lift; ‘choreographical’ moves lead into their circular step sequence before a fourth and also cool lift finishes the program;

not as polished steps; didnÂ’t manage to keep up the flow after the circular step sequences; steps were difficult but they didnÂ’t slow down; not as clean because of that; difficult hand holds;

innovative moves and entrances into their lifts; nice choreography; energy and expression maintained until the end; steps did fit the upbeat music;

Marks: TES : 38.50
PCS : 39.45
TSS : 67.95
Total : 131.15
Free Dance Rank: 3
Final Rank: 2


General Comment:

Not much speed in the first three programs, all of the couples concentrated in difficulty. If Haunstetter/Hönlein manage to get their programs polished they will be a thread to the Beiers as they have much more energy and original programs.

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