Welcome to Absolute Skating, the site about the wonderful world of Figure Skating!

We believe Figure Skating is the greatest of all sports.
It's about perfectly executing difficult technical elements and constantly pushing the sport a little further. Skaters are athletes reaching for the stars while balancing the delicate thread between victory and defeat.
But there's more. Figure Skating is as much about being an artist and having the ability to not just deliver the technical skills but also express emotions and live the program delivered. A skilled figure skater creates temporal art. Every intricate detail executed in a program has its own orginality; it's an interpretation of a select piece of music. Inspiration can be found in the smallest details as can perfection. Perfection has as many faces as there are skaters, each creating his/her own art, even though it might never be rewarded with a medal at a major competition.
That is what Absolute stands for, the highest quality of the individual, meaning a personal best, perfection in its own unique form.

Being a fan of figure skating means enjoying and appreciating this beautiful combination of athletics and art. Fandom usually starts with watching events on TV and ends up with the 'total fan experience' of travelling to competitions and shows or closely following it all on the internet. Or for some it's just a way to get through the winter without getting depressed... Figure skating fans have created their own community and many have found friends to share their common passion with. It doesn't matter where they live or where their favorite skaters are from, it's a global experience.

This site is created to focus on many aspects of this amazing sport; the athleticism, the art, the skaters and the fans who watch them, in an effort to create an interesting mixture for people involved in skating, an information site for and by the skaters and their fans. We wish to bring the people in this world together in a friendly, fun and lighthearted yet professional way.

Absolute Skating is the joint venture by many enthusiastic volunteers joining hands to create a project consisting of bringing official sites of skaters, their webmasters and fans together, along with additional information and special features about figure skating, and of course a forum.
We hope you'll enjoy your stay on this site. Everyone is welcome to visit here whether you're a fan, webmaster, skater or coach. Your presence here will make this site come to life and any input you might have is welcome and greatly appreciated. So join us and share the fun!


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