2009 - 2010 Season News

Photoalbum: World Synchronized Skating Championships 2010

At the end of our series of interviews from World Synchronized Skating Championships, we will let the photos do the talking. Look here.


World Synchronized Skating Championships 2010:
The Medallists - Team Rockettes, Marigold Ice Unity and Haydenettes

Interviewing all three winning team was a prize in itself. Read here.


World Synchronized Skating Championships 2010:
Interview with team captain Liselott Nilsson and vice captain Hanna Andersson of the Sweden1 team, Surprise

The most decorated team at Worlds talked about their performance, programs and future goals. Read here.


World Synchronized Skating Championships 2010:
Interview with team captain Angelica Davids of the South African team

Marina had a great time at Worlds Synchronized Skating Championships a little while ago and she took a series of short but very interesting interviews. The first one features Angelica Davids of the South African team. Read here.


Looking back @ Movies Extravaganza

We talked yesterday about Jenna and Kevin's shows, today we let the images do the talking. Look here.


Jenna and Kevin's showy side; highlights galore

Enchantment and magic on the ice, this is the other side of these two fine skaters who don't stick just to competitions, but take a great deal of interest in the entertaining part of the sport too. Read here.


Photoalbum: World's Best on Ice 2010

World's best skaters lit up the ice in Krefeld, Evgeny Plushenko, Aljona Savchenko & Robin Szolkowy, Stéphane Lambiel, Isabelle Delobel & Olivier Schoenfelder, Sarah Meier, Tatiana Volosozhar & Stanislav Morosov, Albena Denkova & Maxim Staviski to name a few. Look here!


Adam Rippon: "If you can do it with one arm, why not two!"

Adam explains how he and Brian "invented" his own lutz, expresses his opinion of his fellow skaters, does a little association game and more. Read here!


Art on Ice 2010: Backstage - Part III

The last stop of our backstage photo-tour takes place in Lausanne. Enjoy it here!


Art on Ice 2010: Backstage - Part II

From Zurich to Lausanne, check out part 2 of Reut's photo-tour here!


Art on Ice 2010: Backstage

There is more to Art on Ice than meets the public eye during the shows, join Reut on a backstage photo-tour. Gather for part 1 here and don't forget to check back tomorrow for part 2!


One Step Closer

How often does the creative brain behind a show tells you all about it? Not through a reporter but all by himself?? Well there you go, do not miss this unique opportunity and read about the charity show with Oksana Baiul, Angela Maxwell, Lucinda Ruh and many more. Click here.


Photoalbum Stockholm Ice 2010 - The whole show

You did not think that photopage was all we'd publish, did you? Now that would be a waste of Emjo's awesome pics of this show with all those famous names! Check it out here.


A new quest for Olivier Schoenfelder

The competitive season is over and so is eligible skating for Isabelle and Olivier. Reut had a chat with Olivier about their programs, Vancouver and future plans. Read here!


Art on Ice 2010

You have already read bits and pieces about this year's Art on Ice in ZĂĽrich, but we thought you'd enjoy Silvia's photos as well. Check the images out here!


Stockholm Ice 2010 - The first shots

Maria (Emjo) and her camera travelled to Stockholm for the very first installment of Stockholm Ice, with an absolute starfilled cast. The show was a great success and we can't deny you a first peak at it. Go!


Torino 2010 - day five:
The perfection of Mao Asada

The ladies almost always end the competition and at this Worlds that was not different. Read all about being human and happy, failure and perfection here


Volosozhar/Morozov on and off the ice

We didn't get to watch them compete in Torino and many wondered what happened. Read that and more in Reut's candid talk with them here


Torino 2010 - day four:
Downgrades, mistakes and the story of an unusual friendship

Queen's missing spins, male ice dancers running around like crazy, all that and more Titanilla describes about the day of the SP ladies and the free dance. Go!


Torino 2010 - day three:
Takahashi crowned champion

Emotions ran up and down on Thursday. Read here.


Torino 2010 - day two:
Even impossible dreams can come true

Day two came with joy and sadness, but it also brought some unexpected events. Read here.


Torino 2010 - day one:
Canadians and Chinese in the lead

Reporting from Torino, Titanilla is giving us a rundown of World Championships first day's events. Read here.


Megi's Olympic Blog: Once you choose hope, anything's possible.

Megi advanced on her blog to the Men's free skate, but don't miss the previous entries either. Click here.


Stéphane Lambiel: "I cannot hide my feelings"

About Vancouver, his health, future plans and "the flag-bearer's jinx" - in Reut's talk with Stephane Lambiel and people who are close to him. Read here.


My time in Vancouver, part II

The last part of Irina's report is here, telling us about how a member of the audience perceived the second part of the Men's event.


My time in Vancouver, part I

During the Olympic Games we've had skaters comment on the competitions, this time we have a fan share her impressions with us. Read Irina's thoughts here.


Captured: Stéphane Lambiel

How do you talk to Stéphane and don't make him bored after he's already talked to several other journalists that day and answered the very same questions again and again? Answer: you propose something really different! Reut took on the challenge and you can view the result here.


Art on Ice 2010 - Access All Areas

Nadin travelled to ZĂĽrich for Art on Ice and had the opportunity to witness both practices and visit the after-show party. Read all about her fun incidents, adventures and behind-the-scenes coverage of this big spectacle on ice.


Don't miss "Stockholm Ice" 2010

Figure skating is growing in popularity in Sweden and soon the Swedes, for the first time ever, will be able to experience a wonderful afternoon together with some of the best skaters in Europe. Read all about it here.


The Olympic Games 2010: Meagan Duhamel wraps them up

Making the circle round, Meagan takes back the keyboard, to write one last piece about these Games. She picks up with what happened after the pairs and with that ends our "skaters comment on the OG series". Enjoy!


Alexandra and Roman Zaretsky: "We never left Israel"

The Israeli brother and sister team have just finished their second OG. Reut, being a countrymate of theirs, makes it possible for us to get to know them a little better, from their origin and beginning of skating, to their coaches, friends and program contents now. Don't miss out on this!


The Olympic Games 2010 - Kutay Eryoldas reports about Men LP

You didn't think we'd forget about the men's free skate, did you? Kutay Eryoldas of Turkey uses his keyboard to share his view. It was an event not without controversy which he comments on. Read it here


Megi's Olympic Blog: Here We Go! Pairs' Short Program

Don't miss out on today's update of Megi's blog, her tale of visiting the Pairs short, including precious photos. Click here


Anna Levandi: The popularity of a sport is built over the years

The Olympic Games are officially over and Estonian skater Elena Glebova was one of the Olympians. Ia had the opportunity to speak to her coach Anna Levandi - One of the top Soviet sports figures for a long time. Check out what she has to say about Estonian skating, Elena and the skating scene in general. Read here.


The Olympic Games 2010 - Tamar Katz comments on the ladies long program

Tamar thinks there was something in the air the evening of the ladies free skate. Check out her skaters-view on the incredible last competition of the Vancouver Olympics. Go!


Kutay Eryoldas: "In an ideal world I would fully focus on my skating"

A little intermission in the Olympics reporting by putting the spotlight on Turkish skater Kutay Erolydas. A skater, who actually has no ice. Does that make you go huh?? Then check this out!


Megi's Olympic Blog

As you may have noticed Megi has had technical difficulties updating her blog. Now that she is back, she has many more stories and even photos to share , starting today with: "It's always sunny in Vancouver"


The Olympic Games 2010 - Tamar Katz comments on the ladies short program

The ladies short program was an exciting event with the best of the best performing. The keyboard was passed to Israeli skater Tamar Katz for comments. Read what she has to say here.


The Olympic Games 2010 - Krail & Peter about the FDs

Leonie and Oscar finish their commenting about the Olympic ice dance competition. Read all about their views on the free dance here.


OG 2010 Extra - retired ice dancer Ashley Foy comments on ice dance

Giving Leonie and Oscar a little time to catch their breath, we present former ice dancer Ashley Foy, giving her comments on the ice dance competition, while also explaining why she and her partner Benjamin Blum had to break up their promising partnership. Enjoy!


The Olympic Games 2010 - Krail & Peter about the ODs

Ice dancers about ice dancers, Leonie and Oscar give you their take on the Original Dances. Read here.


The Olympic Games 2010 - Krail & Peter about the CDs

Absolute Skating proudly introduces the next part of our exclusive series of skaters commenting on the Olympic figure skating events. The compulsory dance kicked off the ice dancing with a wide range of romantic tangos. Our currents commentators will introduce themselves.


The Olympic Games 2010 - Titia's practice shots: Pairs and Men

At Olympics there are obviously practices and Titia had the chance to attend some. Of course she did not forget her camera. So, for a little extra treat, enjoy her photos!


The Olympic Games 2010 - David Richardson reports about Men SP

British skater David takes over the keyboard from Meagan to tell you his opinions in his own discipline, the men. Read his high and lowlights from the men short. Go!


The Olympic Games 2010 - Meagan Duhamel comments on Pairs Free

Meagan shares more of her personal stories and views on last nights skates. Read her comments on the long program of the pairs here!


The Olympic Games 2010 - Meagan Duhamel comments on Pairs SP

A skater as enthusiastic as Meagan is a rare gem. And to then realise she isn't even competing at these Olympics, a real pity! That however gives us the benefit of her inside view on the competition. Read her comments on Pairs Short here!


Journey Down the Memory Lane

In the second entry of her blog, with a journey down memory lane, Megi tells us how she fell in love with figure skating, to read that click here. All thoughout the OG she'll be keeping us updated on her adventures, all you have to do is follow along, by clicking the Olys icon on top of the page!


The Olympic Games - pure magic or just another competition?

Once every four years the big festival starts for all the winter sports. The Olympic fire will be lit in a few hours and we probably ask ourselves what is so special about this event and why we are so excited about it. Reut asked skaters to help her with the answers. Read here.


Zoltán Kelemen: "I'm not on holiday in the US"

Better practice conditions always pay off, and that showed as Zoltan managed to qualify for the long program at the Europeans and he will also compete at the Olympic Games in Vancouver. Read here.


Ivana Reitmayerová is looking forward to her first Olympics

With a promising season behind her, Ivana is now planning to fully enjoy her first Olympics. Read here.


A chat with the Swedes at the "Stockholm Ice" press conference

The day after the men's long in Tallinn, Reut got the opportunity to chat with Swedish skaters Kristoffer Berntsson and Adrian Schultheiss, during the press conference which promoted April's "Stockholm Ice" show. Read here.


"I look out for anybody who's got the potential to fight their way to the top"
Meet Oliver Höner, the creative half of Art on Ice

Oliver Honer discussed with Nadin the concept behind the Art on Ice shows he founded 15 years ago and the secret for making them so successful. Read here.


Valentina Marchei: "Never give up, at least try"

No matter what happens, Valentina remains a fighter and never gives up. Read here.


NĂłra Hoffmann: "We've gone through really tough times"

Nora has gone through a lot last season, but now she and Max are finally back and hope for more. Read here.


Michal Brezina: "Practice is like competition for me"

The new sensation in the Men's field at the European Championships, Michal Brezina, talked to Titanilla about - what else? - skating, allowing us to get to know him better. Read here.


Júlia Sebestyén: "I decided not to care about the judges"

After her comeback at the Europeans, Julia explained how she achieved that. Read here.


Sinead and John Kerr: "For us it's not a motivation that other people quit"

We've known Sinead and John for quite some time now. While in Tallinn, they talked to Nadin about the recent European Championships, the upcoming Olympic Games in Vancouver and beyond that. Read here.


Brian Joubert: "I didn't know Alexei skated to this music"

Brian preferred having a chat with Titanilla over watching the first bit of the exhibition, read more here.


Plushenko wants to make history and
sets his sights on Olympics in Sochi

On Wednesday, Evgeny Plushenko held a press conference in Bratislava to promote his Olympic Ice Tour. Find the Q & A here.


2010 Euros Daily Photos: Day 7

The Euros concluded with one fine gala exhibition, but it looked like the skaters had just as much fun during the practice for the gala too. Look here.


2010 Euros Daily Photos: Day 6

Ladies, ladies, ladies full of glitter and grace. Watch them here.


Europeans 2010, Tallinn, day 5:
Third and hardest title for Kostner

No one had a flawless skate in the Ladies' final, but the winners were happy with the result. Read here.


2010 Euros Daily Photos: Day 5

Photos from Ladies SP, Dance FD and medal ceremony are available here.


Europeans 2010, Tallinn, day 4:
Fairy tales and true stories on the ice

Taking in consideration the SP, the Ladies' final promises to be quite a feast today, while the Dance FD was a big emotional show. Read about it here.


2010 Euros Daily Photos: Day 4

Men's practice, original dance, men's free skating and two press conferences photos takem by our four photographers are here.


Europeans 2010, Tallinn, day 3:
Plushenko is back and back to the top

The competition is still strong in ice dance, and there were more or less surprises in men's final. Read Titanilla's report here.


A short update with Stephane Lambiel and his team

Reut caught up with Stephane and his team after the SP. Read what they had to say here.


2010 Euros Daily Photos: Day 3

Men's short and Pairs' free skating progam, plus photos from the pairs' medal ceremony and press conference can be found here.


Europeans 2010, Tallinn, day 2:
Spasibo and arigato, Tallinn!

The King is back and there were surprises in the Pairs final, read all about the second day here.



2010 Euros Daily Photos: Day 2

The second day of photos, first day of competition, turned out to be a little problematic as far as cameras were concerned. Even so, we have some photos from the CD, opening ceremony, Pairs SP and practice here.


Europeans 2010, Tallinn, day 1:
A big gap and some small ones

The first day of the competition was dominated by the Russians. Read Titanilla's comments after the CD and Pairs SP here.


2010 Euros Daily Photos: Day 1

Like promised, we are starting the Euros Daily Photos series today. Take a look at Monday's practice photos here.


ISU European Figure Skating Championships 2010

This week the first big international skating event is taking place in Tallinn. Our AS crew is there, ready to bring you daily reports, photos and interviews. But before the competition starts, let's take a look at what to expect here.


TomᚠVerner: "The audience won't go crazy watching a triple loop"

It looks like all our reporters appreciate Tomas' long and detailed answers. We're sure the fans do too. Read about his thoughts regarding the Olympics here.


"Be Good Johnny Weir"
- A Sundance Channel Documentary

Sundance Channel will be airing an eight-part documentary series featuring Johnny Weir starting with this Monday. Read more details here.


Medalist on Ice gala wraps up the Japanese Nationals

We're staying in Japan for just a little while longer, the special exhibition following Jap Nats was certainly worth an additional piece. Atsuko tells all about the programs of Mao Asada, Daisuko Takahashi, Akiko Suzuki and many more!


Japanese Nationals 2010

More Nationals have been held, this time in Japan. Atsuko went together with Mr Hashimoto, and tells it all. Read here


Photo Album Swedish Nationals 2010

From Switzerland to Sweden, EMJO packed her camera to Linköping and photographed the seniors, juniors and "novices" for you. Includes Kristoffer Berntsson, Adrian Schultheiss, Alexander Majorov, Viktoria and Joshi Helgesson and many more Swedes. Go!


Photo Album World's Best on Ice

As you could read, Silvia took with her camera. Check out her lovely pics of Stephane Lambiel, Sarah Meier, Jeffrey Buttle, Alexei Yagudin, Irina Slutskaya and more!


Look back on "World's Best on Ice" in Basel

Thought we'd move out of Switzerland now? Thought wrong! Silvia visited Basel, for this awesome show. Read her thoughts here


Swiss Nationals 2010 in Lugano

Well it is obvious Absolute Skating was well represented at Switzerlands National Championships. Take a quick journey through the event again, together with Reut and the champions; Sarah Meier, Stephane Lambiel and more. There are 3 parts, so don't miss this!


Morand & Dorsaz: "We hope to be among the first ten at Europeans"

Some more Swissies on AS, this young couple has a busy season ahead, skating in Juniors as well as Senior Championships. Anaïs lives alone, Antoine speaks Russian... Wanna know more? Click here.


Introducing Romy BĂĽhler (SUI)

Romy BĂĽhler promises to be worth looking forward to in the future. Let's get to know her better here.


Sarah Meier: "It was a good feeling
just to be here"

Sarah's season has just started. Although late in the season, she is happy to be back. Read about what motivates her here.


Stéphane Lambiel: "I'm strong. My heart is there
and I do everything possible to get there"

Nine-time Swiss national champion, Stéphane Lambiel gave us an update on his preparations for the Olympics. Read here.


Japan's Figure Skating Junior Championships

Here's an in depth look at the junior Japanese skater field as seen by Atsuko. Read here.


Grand Prix Final 2009/2010 Photo Album

Check out our fully updated Grand Prix Final photo album here.


Grand Prix Final 2009/2010 Photos:
Day 2 - Jr. Men FS, Jr. Pairs FS, Sr. Men SP, Sr. Ladies SP,
Sr. Dance FD; Day 3 & Day 4 - Medal Ceremony

Here's a bunch of photos from the GPF, including Jr. Men FS, Jr. Pairs FS, Sr. Men SP, Sr. Ladies SP, Sr. Dance FD, Day 3 & Day 4 Medal Ceremony.


Grand Prix Final 2009/2010: Day 4

The last day of the competition brought two junior finals and one gala. Read Atsuko's impressions here.


Grand Prix Final 2009/2010 Photos:
Day 1 - Sr. Dance OD

The Original Dance theme was folk/country dance, which allowed the skaters to be very creative with their costumes. See here.


Grand Prix Final 2009/2010 Photos:
Day 1 - Sr. Pairs SP

Top Pairs skaters competed in this event. Watch here.


Grand Prix Final 2009/2010: Day 3

With three finals out of five events this was one of the busiest days of the competition. Read here.


Grand Prix Final 2009/2010 Photos:
Day 2 - Medal Ceremony

Watch a few podium and medal shots here.


Grand Prix Final 2009/2010 Photos:
Day 1 - Jr. Men SP

The future contenders in the Men discipline look promising enough. See here.


Grand Prix Final 2009/2010: Day 2

Three sets of free programs and two sets of short programs were performed on Friday. Read about the results here.


Grand Prix Final 2009/2010 Photos:
Day 1 - Jr. Pairs SP

The young generation demonstrated its skills during the Jr. Pairs' SP competition. Take a look here.


Grand Prix Final 2009/2010: Day 1

After six events, the Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final has started in Tokyo. Atsuko is there to report. Read her first impressions here.


Skate Canada Photos - Day 3

Take a look at the various costumes used by the Ladies, Men, Pairs and Ice Dance couple on the 3rd day at Skate Canada here.


Alena Leonova: "When I was born,
someone gave my mom a horoscope of my life
which said that I might become a successful athlete"

Alena Leonova is the current leader of the Russian ladies figure skating team. Read about her training regimen and aspirations here.


Meryl Davis and Charlie White:
"We'd like to mix up the order in the US team!"

With a reporter wearing skates and the longest-tenured U.S. ice dancing team answering questions about each other, it could only lead to a fun and entertaining interview. Read here.


Kento Nakamura

Kento Nakamura has already won two medals at Junior Grand Prix events this season. To get to know him better read here.


Skate Canada: Day 4 - Part 2

Some might say that the exhibition practice was as entertaining as the gala itself. Read Suzie's opinion here.


Skate Canada: Day 4 - Part 1

There was only one competition left for Sunday, the Free Dance. Read about it and the practice preceding it here.


Skate Canada: Day 3

Three sets of medals were awarded on Saturday. Read who got what here.


Skate Canada: Day 2

Friday was a busy day, from practice to Pairs, Ladies, Dance and Men. Read Suzie's report here.


Skate Canada Photos - Day 2

Lots and lots of Caroline's new photos from Friday events are available here.


Skate Canada Photos - Day 1

Here's another series of Caroline's beautiful photos. Take a look at the first day's practice session here.


Skate Canada: Day 1

Suzie reprises her role as a reporter this time at Skate Canada. Read her impressions after the first day's practice here.


A short update with Ingo Steuer

Romain caught up with Ingo Steuer at TEB where he asked him about the pairs he's coaching, their strategy and the future of pairs skating. Read his answers here.


Fabian Bourzat: "We have more than enough tough competitors"

As we promised last week, here is Romain's interview with Fabian Bourzat, taken at Trophee Eric Bompard in Paris. Read here.


Skate America 2009: Day 3

Even without sleep Suzie manages to tell you all about the 3th and final day of SA. Some pictures of Caroline are added, because Suzie can't take them, being on the ice herself. Confused? Just click here to check it out!


Skate America 2009: Day 2

On Saturday, there was drama during the Pairs, but also well-deserved medals and crowd's favourite. Read here.


Skate America Photos - Saturday

More photo pages have been added featuring Men, Pairs, Ladies and Ice Dance, filled with photos taken by Caroline.


Skate America 2009: Day 1

From Lake Placid, Suzie gives us a rundown of Skate America first day's events: CD, Pairs SP and Men SP. Read here.


Skate America Photos - Pairs

And here is the second set of photos sent by Caroline, featuring the Pairs competing at Skate America this weekend.


Skate America Photos - Men

At the end of the first day of Skate America competition, taking place in Lake Placid this weekend, Caroline sent us two sets of photos. We'll start with the Men here.


Nathalie Pechalat & Fabian Bourzat
If You Were...

Nathalie and Fabian answered Romain's "If You Were..." questionnaire here.


Arakawa and Asada, Former and Future,
Predictions and If you wereÂ…

2006 Olympic champion and possible future Olympic champion share their thoughts and preferences here.


Vanessa James & Yannick Bonheur:
If You Were...

Romain had a little chat with Vanessa and Yannick at TEB. Read about their preferences here.


Albena Denkova & Maxim Staviski:
Behind the Boards

As you know Brian Joubert is competing this weekend at NHK. While being interviewed at TEB, Albena and Maxim talked to Romain about their collaboration with Brian among other things. Read here.


Daisuke Takahashi eyes Vancouver

One of the most anticipated comebacks this seasons is Daisuke's. Read what happened to him here.


Adam Rippon: "It's good to meet the challenge early in the season"

A formal talk turned into a less formal one when Adam talked to Reut about being positive, learning few words in different languages and using Twitter. Read here.


Ryan Bradley: "I get so much energy from the audience,
from looking into their eyes and watching their emotions."

While still in Paris after the TEB, Ryan talked to Nadin about his Amadeus programme, his choice of music, training and future plans. Read here.


Team Lambiel
Salomé Brunner: "People he loves will always stay"

Qeen of Grace, as we called her once, tells about the creation of recent Lambiel's programs, about her other works and shares her opinions about shows with celebrities and Code of Points. Read the interview Reut had with Salome Brunner here.


Team Lambiel
Marc Lindegger: "We are glad he is back"

Marc Lindegger tells Reut about the way "Art on Ice" works with Stephane Lambiel and answers to her very important "what if" question here.


Team Lambiel
Peter Grutter: "To have such a pupil is like winning the lottery"

Reut used the opportunity she had at Nebelhorn to talk to those who are behind Swiss two-time World champion Stephane Lambiel. Peter Grutter tells about his best pupil's comeback and Swiss skating in general. Read here.


Rostelecom Cup 2009 - Day 2

Day 2 at Rostelecom Cup brought little surprises. Maria tells us what happened here.


Rostelecom Cup 2009 - Day 1

Formerly known as Cup of Russia, newly named Rostelecom Cup, but still held in Russia. As usual Maria Bagdasarova is there and tells you all about the happenings of the first day. Enjoy!


TEB 2009: The Feeling Begins

As promised, Titanilla sheds her unique light on the happenings in Paris. Enjoy her sum up of the competition complemented by the pictures taken by Daphne here!


Carnival on Ice 2009

In await for the TEB material to arrive, Atsuko keeps you entertained by fulfilling her promise and tell you all about the gala that was held after Japan Open. Click here to read.


Trophée Eric Bompard 2009: The first of the six.

The first event of the Grand Prix series is about to start. If you want to know what to expect read our preview here.


Kerrs try on for the Olympic season

Reut was fortunate enough to attend a costume fitting with Sinead and John in New York. Read about her experience and their chatting here.


Japan Open 2009

Atsuko went for us to this team event which used to be a cheesefest, but isn't anymore. Read what happened on the ice and what the skaters had to say at the press conferences after. Click here!


Finlandia Trophy - Day 3

The third day at Finlandia Trophy brought even more medals. Read about who got what here.


Finlandia Trophy - Day 2

Not even a false fire alarm could stop the men from getting their medals. Read about the second day's events here.


Finlandia Trophy - Day 1

Reporting from Vantaa CĂ©line gives us a rundown of the first day at Finlandia Trophy. Read about it here.


Elene Gedevanishvili - Elene at a Glance

Suzie caught up with Elene after practice one day at the Ice House in September to discuss life in New York City and the upcoming season. Read here.


In the locker room with Stéphane Lambiel

After Stéphane's win at Nebelhorn, Nadin caught up with him and they talked about his comeback and preparations for this season. Read his answers here.


NHT 2009: Tango's and Comebacks, an audience perspective

If you missed the Nebelhorn Trophy or you just want to relive the experience Mireille's report will make you feel like you're right there in the arena with her. Read it here.


Aljona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy:
"We like to feel the atmosphere of the arena before we go out to skate"

Nadin interviewed Aljona and Robin after their NHT victory. Read their answers here.


Nebelhorn Trophy: Epilogue

First competition of the season is over. Read about what happened here.


Nebelhorn Trophy 2009: Quick update with Kiira after the short

Read what Kiira had to say after the short program at NHT here.


Nebelhorn Trophy 2009: numbers, pictures and facts.

Before the competition starts, let's take a look at statistics here.


Nebelhorn Trophy 2009: Let the season begin!

Olympic qualifying competition Nebelhorn Trophy 2009 is starting. Learn more about this event here.


Javier Fernandez - "The Season Ahead"

Javier is preparing to compete in his first year on the Senior Grand Prix circuit as well as in his first Olympics. He discusses his training and upcoming season here.


Valentina Marchei - "I never look back; I just attack."

Returning from injury, Valentina makes a determined comeback as she aims to make the Italian Olympic team. She also discusses life in the United States and her current training situation here.


Adrian Schultheiss answers fan questions

How a spin tastes, his thoughts about tattoos and piercings, as well as all the news regarding his upcoming schedule and his new programs, Adrian tells it all. Click here to read.


Let us introduce: Tamar Katz

As the title says an introduction into the world of the Israeli figure skater Tamar. Newly joined at Absolute Skating we figured it would be nice to get to know her a little better. Click here to do so!


No more come-backs for Lina Johansson

It was never an easy road for Lina, plagued by injuries, lots of sweat and tears, but she looks back with joy now. How come? Emjo got her story.


World Synchronized Skating Championships 2009

Zagreb isn't just a beautiful city, it's the place where the last World Synchronized Skating Championships took place. Marina was there with her camera and now we are proudly presenting her photos.


Welcome Tamar Katz

Absolute Skating is proud to present the website of the three-time Israelian figure skating champion. We invite you to take a look here.


Pressrelease: One Step Closer - an Aids benefit

Read all about the plans for the figure skating exhibition to benefit the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS in NYC here!


The many faces of Nobunari Oda

Passionated, technical, serious, sexy, comical or even a warlock? Atsuko attempts to puzzle out the Japanese skater, read the entire interview here.


Dreams on Ice 2009

To celebrate the end of the season and the beginning of a new one, Japanese top skaters reunited with special guestars at Dreams on Ice shows in Japan. Read Atsuko's report here.


USO Patinage Artistique Orléans
End of season gala with special guest Stéphane Lambiel

The end of the season was celebrated in big style in Orléans having Stéphane Lambiel invited as special guest. Nadin was there to tell us about it.


World Figure Skating Championships 2009

World Championships ended almost two months ago and we're missing the competitive skating already. Let's relive the best moments with the help of Megi's photos.


Sharing energy and beauty:
"Plushenko and Friends" in Slovakia.

Off-season is a show-time. Pia attended one of the European shows, talked to Ari Zakarian about the present and the future of figure skating business and to Stephane Lambiel about his new life as a show man. Read their opinions here.


"Ice Age" in Tel Aviv

The figure skating world is opening towards new horizons: skating shows with non-professional skaters involved. Reut's impressions from such kind of show, Averbukh's "Ice Age", are here.


Ice Fantillusion presents:

Liedekerke got changed into Oscar night. Take a look at the amazing stuff Kevin Van Der Perren, Jenna McCorkell, Elliot Hilton, Alex Wilde, David Richardson and all the other skaters put on the ice this entire weekend. Photos here!


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