2012 - 2013 Season News


Photo Album: Toronto Stars on Ice 2013

June 29, 2013

Javier Fernandez, Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford, Ashley Wagner, Jeffrey Buttle, Sinead and John Kerr, Joannie Rochette, Patrick Chan, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, Kurt Browning, they all skated in Toronto Stars on Ice 2013 show. Look here!

Music on Ice Geneva 2013

June 19, 2013

A few weeks ago, we showed you "Music on Ice Geneva" in photos. Now present you the story behind the show, the production and the cast, featuring Brian Joubert, Stéphane Lambiel, Fumie Suguri and others. Read here.

Sarah Meier after Bern

June 12, 2013

Lots of things happened in Sarah Meier's life since her victory in Bern. Read about where she stands now here.

World Championships 2013 - A Different Perspective

June 5, 2013

Two months after the World Championships, Suzie shows us a different perspective of the Worlds. Read here!

Photo Album: Art on Ice 2013

May 29, 2013

Art on Ice brought many big names to Stockholm, like Stéphane Lambiel, Sarah Meier, Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov, Aljona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy and others. Look here!

Art on Ice, Stockholm: the behind the scenes story

May 23, 2013

Maria takes us backstage at Art on Ice, in Stokholm, where she also interviews Malin Karlsson, the Project Manager and "the heart" of Art On Ice Sweden. Read here.

Photo Album: Music on Ice Geneva 2013

May 15, 2013

"Music on Ice" came to Geneva with its moving show dedicated to Japan, featuring Stéphane Lambiel, Fumie Suguri, Nathalie Péchalat and Fabian Bourzat, Brian Joubert and others. Look here!

Catching up with Nathalie Péchalat and Fabian Bourzat

May 8, 2013

Nathalie Péchalat and Fabian Bourzat sum up their season, talk about shows and costumes and intrigue about new programs. Check their interview from Geneva here.

Samuel Contesti: "I love everything about figure skating"

April 29, 2013

During a short break after a "Music on Ice 2013" rehearsal in Geneva Samuel Contesti found some time to update us about what he is doing now. Check his interview here.

Photo Album: Four Continents Figure Skating Championships 2013

April 22, 2013

The skating season is over, but we still have some goodies for you, lots of photos from 4CC. Look here!

Photo Album: Music on Ice 2013

April 14, 2013

Laurent Tobel Entertainment put on another great show this year, featuring famous skaters like Stéphane Lambiel, Sarah Meier, Marina Anissina, and many other well-known names. Look here!

Photo Album: Celebration on Ice 2012

April 10, 2013

Back in December, skaters like Kurt Browning, Joannie Rochette, Jeffrey Buttle, Elvis Stoijko, and Patrick Chan to name only a few got together to skate in Celebration on Ice show. Look here!

Photo Album: Fascination on Ice 2013

April 6, 2013

The youngest Swiss talents delighted the audience in a lovely show themed to "Kids, Stars and Rock 'n' Roll", skating together with Maylin Hausch and Daniel Wende, Florent Amodio, Sarah Meier and Stéphane Lambiel. Enjoy Anna's photos here!

Salomé Brunner: "I work with the people who really want to create"

April 2, 2013

Salomé Brunner talks to Reut about choreography and musicality, how to educate in them, about her new students and, of course, about Sarah Meier and Stéphane Lambiel. Read here!

Ice Fantillusion in the Jungle - A sneak peek

March 30, 2013

From Friday till Sunday this weekend, a lot of skaters hide in the depths of the Belgian jungle. Take a look at the first shots here!

Daria Popova and Bruno Massot: "We don't aspire to copy anyone"

March 29, 2013

Daria Popova and Bruno Massot make no secret of their ambitions: the Olympics. Read here!

Photo Album: Ice Fantillusion 2012 - Celebrations

March 27, 2013

Yesterday, we learned a lot about the Ice Fantillusion show Celebrations. Today, we shower you in photos. Literally. Take a look here!

Sewing, glueing and celebrating – behind the scenes of Kevin's & Jenna's shows

March 26, 2013

Later this week, Ice Fantillusion will take us to the Jungle, but first we learn through impressions of last year's show as well as talking to Kevin Van Der Perren and Jenna McCorkell how such a project comes together. Read here.

Photo Album: Cup of Nice 2012 - Gala

March 23, 2013

Most competitions end with a nice gala, so did the Cup of Nice, with a special guest appearance. Go!

Photo Album: Cup of Nice 2012 - Pairs

March 22, 2013

The last but certainly not the least discipline, the pairs. Check out their photos here!

Photo Album: Cup of Nice 2012 - Ladies

March 21, 2013

The next discipline on the roster were the ladies. To check out their photos, click here!

Photo Album: Cup of Nice 2012 - Ice Dance

March 20, 2013

Continuing on the Cup of Nice photos, today we present you all of the ice dance competition, click here!

Photo Album: Cup of Nice 2012 - Men

March 19, 2013

Back in October we reported on the Cup of Nice, held in France. Now we want to share photos of as much of the (senior) participants as possible. Starting of with all of the men, enjoy!

Florent Amodio: Latin spirit, quads and strong personality

March 17, 2013

Before the Worlds, Florent took a break to perform in the Art on Ice shows. Read about his chat with Ia here.

Aljona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy: you have to be different to go forward

March 16, 2013

Aljona and Robin performed a throw-triple Axel at the end of their free program at Worlds. Read about their need to be different here.

Figure skating for breakfast with Alexander and Irina Majorov

March 15, 2013

It's Alexander's third World Championships participation, and he's worked hard for it. Read here.

Adelina Sotnikova: "My rivals shouldn't write me off"

March 14, 2013

European silver medallist Adelina Sotnikova is one of the main contenders for the Worlds' podium. Reut met her in Zurich, so read about programs, costumes and the pressure here.

Jorik Hendrickx – The journey continues

March 13, 2013

What happened at TEB in November? Why wasn't Jorik at last year's Worlds? How is he feeling now for this one? All this and much more you can read here.

Stefania Berton and Ondrej Hotárek: “We always have new goals and we never stop”

March 12, 2013

They are one of the pairs competing at Worlds tomorrow. Recently winning the European bronze medal, Titi decided to have a talk with the excited pair. Read here.

Four Continents Figure Skating Championships 2013

March 10, 2013

The Europeans will have a tough competition at the upcoming World Championships. Read about what the rest of the world did at the Four Continents here.

Justus Strid: "We just wanted to go crazy"

March 8, 2013

He achieved the minimum score requirements to be allowed to compete at Worlds, but how does he actually feel about this rule? Read about that and much more here

Stars On Ice creates magic with "Now and Then" Tour

March 7, 2013

Being over halfway the 2013 tour, which sadly were only 6 dates in the US, Cate tells why you shouldn't miss the remaining 2. Don't miss her impressions about the show here!

Photo Album: Skating & Gym Spectacular 2012

March 5, 2013

Aside competitions, there have also been lots of shows this season. Tina went to the Skating & Gym Spectacular in December and shares her gorgeous shots. Enjoy them here.

Photo Album: The Japan Senior Figure Skating Championships 2012

March 2, 2013

It's time for the Japan Nationals in pictures. Look here.

The Japan Senior Figure Skating Championships 2012

March 1, 2013

The Japan Figure Skating Championship was held from December 21 through 24 at Makomanai Ice Arena in Sapporo, Japan. Read about the competition here.

Alisa Agafonova and Alper Ucar - a fairytale on the ice

Febuary 27, 2013

Alisa and Alper made a great impression on the audience in Zagreb. Read about the Turkish ice dance couple here.

2013 Challenge Cup Daily Photos - Day 3 & 4

Febuary 25, 2013

We still owe you some pairs photos so we added a few from day 3 along with day 4. Look here.

2013 Challenge Cup Daily Photos - Day 3

Febuary 24, 2013

On Saturday, the pairs performed their short programs, and the men were awarded the medals. Look here.

2013 Challenge Cup Daily Photos - Day 2

Febuary 23, 2013

While the ladies' competition ended, men just started on Friday. Look here.

2013 Challenge Cup Daily Photos - Day 1

Febuary 23, 2013

Challenge Cup is taking place in The Hague this weekend. Take a look at the ladies here.

Alexei Yagudin: "I'm trying to push myself. Otherwise it's not interesting to live."

Febuary 20, 2013

Alexei doesn't watch skating competitions anymore, but has found new motivation in movies and TV. Read here.

Michal Brezina: "We made a new year's resolution that we would get a medal in Zagreb"

Febuary 18, 2013

After years of waiting, Michal he finally broke the curse and stepped onto the European podium. Read here.

AnaĂŻs VentardÂ’s first taste of gold

Febuary 15, 2013

At the tender age of sixteen, sheÂ’s still a junior, but to everyone's surprise AnaĂŻs Ventard won the gold at the French Nationals in Strasbourg, as a senior! Read here.

A peek into AOI's Stockholm premiere

Febuary 13, 2013

This year Art on Ice had their first show in Stockholm. Some cast changes, more Swedes. Maria grants you a first glance. Check her photos out here.

Art on Ice: the number one show worldwide

Febuary 11, 2013

With a cast including Stéphane Lambiel, Shizuka Arakawa, Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov, Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy, Sarah Meyer, and Florent Amodio, to name only a few, the Art on Ice shows never disappoint. Read here.

Music on Ice 2013

Febuary 8, 2013

The creativity of "Laurent Tobel Entertainment" gave life to another unique show in Bellinzona, with Anissina/Peizerat, Lambiel, Lepisto, Meier, Cappellini/Lanotte in the cast and an interesting story behind it. Read Anna's report here.

Javier Fernandez: "One competition doesn't make you anything"

Febuary 5, 2013

Javier made history in Zagreb, winning the European title for the first time for Spain. How did he do it? Read here.

Sneak Peek: Art on Ice 2013

Febuary 2, 2013

Maria attended Friday's Art on Ice show in Zurich and took lots of photos. Look at a sneak peek here.

Isabelle Olsson, another Swedish skater on the rise!

Febuary 1, 2013

Isabelle is the girl who put pressure on the Helgesson sisters earlier this season by showing she is one to count on. Read about her here.

Photo Album: The Japan Junior Figure Skating Championships 2012

January 31, 2013

Yesterday we told you about the Japan Junior Figure Skating Championships 2012. Today we're showing you. Look here.

The Japan Junior Figure Skating Championships 2012

January 30, 2013

The top young Japanese skaters got together in the Daido Drinko Ice Arena in Tokyo for the Japan Junior Figure Skating Championships 2012. Read here.

Catching up with Mister GrĂĽtter

January 29, 2013

Being awarded the Swiss Olympic Lifetime Coach Award and having celebrated his 70th birthday recently, Peter GrĂĽtter is still on the ice working with his new students and keeping in touch with his old ones. Read his talk with Reut here.

2013 European Championships Daily Photos - Day 5

January 28, 2013

The European Championships ended with a beautiful exhibition gala. Look here.

The European Championships 2013 Day four: Triumph of Javier and Carolina

January 27, 2013

On the last day of the European championship we could hear the Spanish and the Italian anthem: Javier Fernandez won the menÂ’s event, while Carolina Kostner triumphed amongst the ladies. Read here.

2013 European Championships Daily Photos - Day 4

January 27, 2013

The last finals, Men and Ladies, provided a lot of excitement among fans. Look here.

The European Championships 2013 Day three: Bobrova and Soloviev win their first gold

January 26, 2013

After two silver medals Ekaterina Bobrova / Dmitri Soloviev of Russia won their first European title in Zagreb. There is also a Russian competitor in first place after the ladies’ short program. Read here.

2013 European Championships Daily Photos - Day 3

January 26, 2013

There was a tight competition during Ladies' short program and especially during the free dance. Look here.

The European Championships 2013 Day two: Volosozhar and Trankov defend their title

January 25, 2013

Another win for Tatiana and Maxim and lots of excitement during Men's programs happened on Thursday. Read here.

2013 European Championships Daily Photos - Day 2

January 25, 2013

Aside from the Men's short programs and the Pairs' free, we also have a lovely photo from the Pairs medal ceremony. Look here.

The European Championships 2013 Day one: Russians aiming for the gold

January 24, 2013

Titanilla is covering the European Championships for AS this week. Read about what she witnessed so far here.

2013 European Championships Daily Photos - Day 1

January 24, 2013

The European Championships have started and our photographers are working hard in Zagreb. Look here.

Yuna Kim's successful return brought ladiesÂ’ skating back to life

January 23, 2013

Chrissy followed Yuna Kim's return to competition during NRW Trophy and the Korean nationals. Read here.

Tomáš Verner "My Dracula is not terrorizing anybody"

January 22, 2013

Tomáš Verner thinks Dracula is a sensitive guy who just has a lust for blood, he smiles widely every time he hears about Zagreb, plus he is sexy and he knows it. Read here.

Alexei Urmanov - A coach's perspective

January 21, 2013

This 1994 Olympic Champion will be behind the boards in Zagreb for his student Nikol Gosviani's first Europeans. Maria talked to Alexei about his students and his view of the development of figure skating in recent years. Read here.

Stefania Berton and Ondřej Hotárek: "You connect with people's hearts and they will remember forever"

January 20, 2013

This promising Italian pair deservedly gets more and more attention each season. Towards Europeans in Zagreb, they tell about their programs, their season so far and the goals they define for themselves. Click.

Armin Mahbanoozadeh: "I've never had so much fun working hard."

January 19, 2013

Anna spoke to next weeks US Nationals competitor Armin about ankles, Doctor Who, playing piano and much more. Read the thorough portrait here.

Spaniards on ice – meet Sara Hurtado and Adriá Díaz

January 18, 2013

Sara & Adriá will be competing next week in Zagreb. Lena and Maria sat down with them and their coach Patrice for a chat. Check it out.

Rostelecom Cup 2012: Discoveries, surprises and Superman

January 17, 2013

As usual in the GP roster, after China followed Russia. Maria tells you all about the competition. Read here.

Brand new website Alexander Majorov

January 16, 2013

Absolute Skating is proud to present the website of the 2011 Junior Worlds bronze medalist and Swedish Champion Alexander Majorov. We invite you to take a look here.

Cup of China 2012: Triumphs, dramas and lessons on the Chinese ice

January 16, 2013

Cup of China was the 3th comp of the Grand Prix Series, Oxana travelled to Shanghai and had an unique experience. Read her story here

Photo Album: Nebelhorn Trophy 2012

January 15, 2013

Next Monday the Europeans start officially, so let's take a look back at the pre-season. It started with the Nebelhorn Trophy, Maria was there, taking lovely photos, which she put into a complete album. Don't miss!

Zoltán Kelemen: "Skating comes first for me now"

January 14, 2013

Soon he will be showing his programs at the European Championships in Zagreb, but first Titanilla had a chat with Zoltan about all the changes he made since last season. Read more here.

Album: French Nationals 2012

January 13, 2013

Oxana and Liubov visited French Nationals in Strasbourg and they took a lot of photos during the competitions and the gala. Check them out here.

Jeremy Abbott ready to compete at U.S. Championships

January 11, 2013

Three-time U.S. Mens Champion Jeremy Abbott is bouncing back from a back injury and in doing so he has learned something amazing about himself. What? You will have to read here.

Musselman's Family Skating Tribute Show 2012

January 8, 2013

Todd Eldredge, Ekaterine Gordeeva, Ilia Kulik, Shae-Lynn Bourne, Nancy Kerrigan, Paul Wylie, Michael Weiss, Josef Sabovcik all accompanied by Jewel made for a great show. Picture proof here!

Juulia Turkkila: "I think I am ready"

January 4, 2013

This 18y old Finnish Silver medallist made it to the team to go to Europeans. Lena had a chat with her about her programs, goals and more. Click here to read!

Pandora Unforgettable Holiday Moments on Ice 2012

December 29, 2012

Relive the Holidays with Tina's awesome pictures of this show, which took place in Phoenix. Go!

Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov: the story behind

December 25, 2012

Russia's teams for 2013 European and World Championships are decided now in Sochi. Among the competitors are Ksenia and Fedor who earlier this season talked to Reut about programs, goals and more. Read here.

Opera on Ice 2012

December 23, 2012

Read about the show "Opera on Ice" held in Verona this autumn, including two Christmas surprises from its organizers, in Reut's report here.

Márton Markó loves jumps, soundtracks and poker

December 20, 2012

Not yet making it passed the qualification rounds at Europeans and Worlds, this Hungarian skater is still a mystery to most. Time to get to know him, go!

Evgeni Plushenko's Anniversary Show 2012

December 16, 2012

Anna went to celebrate Evgeni's anniversary with all the other stars and shares her lovely photos with us. Enjoy them here.

Joshi Helgesson - the firebird from Sweden

December 13, 2012

Joshi is competing at the Swedish Nationals, hoping for a spot for Europeans. How she prepared for it and more, read it all here.

Grand Prix Final 2012 Daily Photos - Day 4

December 12, 2012

As promised, we have the GPF gala photos ready for you. Look here.

Skate America 2012 - Exhibition gala

December 11, 2012

While waiting for the GPF gala photos to be ready, enjoy the gala photos from the first GP: Skate America. Look here.

Grand Prix Final 2012 Daily Photos - Day 3 additional

December 10, 2012

Press conferences and medal ceremonies are part of each competition so the Grand Prix Final had them too. Look here.

Grand Prix Final 2012 Daily Photos - Day 3

December 9, 2012

The seniors' free programs brought several season's best scores to the audience's delight. Look here.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva: "Little by little I'm getting back in shape"

December 8, 2012

She is the only senior lady to represent Russia at the Grand Prix Final this weekend. Learn about how this season's been for Liza so far. Read here.

Grand Prix Final 2012 Daily Photos - Day 2

December 8, 2012

The last day of the competition has already started in Sochi, but here is what happened yesterday.

Yuzuru Hanyu - past, present and future

December 7, 2012

Turning 18 and starting his second senior Grand Prix Final, Yuzuru Hanyu really comes of age today. Read his story based on an autobiography and an exclusive interview here.

Grand Prix Final 2012 Daily Photos - Day 1

December 7, 2012

The last big competition of the year, the Grand Prix Final, is bringing a lot of excitement from Sochi. Take a look at Anastasiya's photos here.

"Skate Dance Dream" aims to inspire kids to think big this coming weekend

December 5, 2012

´Go after any dream you want to´ is Parker Pennington´s credo for blending dance with skating and kids. Read more about his shows here.

"Sous le ciel de Paris..."

December 3, 2012

Reut sums up her on and off ice impressions "under the sky of Paris". Click here to read.

Eteri Tutberidze: "Everything happens for the best"

December 1, 2012

Julia Lipnitskaia's coach talks about her talented student and reflects about ways of destiny, admitting that there is a purpose for everything that happens in this life. Read here.

Lynn Kriengkrairut and Logan Giulietti-Schmitt: pushing for a coveted spot on the U.S. World Team

November 30, 2012

These US ice dancers recently claimed the win at the Ice Challenge. Cate spoke to them about their training, balance and more. Read here.

Lord of the Ice: WIN tickets to this star-filled show in Bratislava!

November 27 - December 3, 2012

Find out how to win tickets to this great show in Bratislava here. Winners announced!

All That Skate Summer 2012

November 25, 2012

Thanks to Lagif, we find out why Yuna Kim's last summer show was sold out. Read here.

Nicole Della Monica and Matteo Guarise: “Every competition is an opportunity to grow”

November 23, 2012

Roller skate champion Matteo and come back girl Nicole will skate their SP at the NHK trophy soon. Maria had the chance to talk to them. Read here.

Zsuzsanna Nagy and Máté Fejes love dancing together

November 21, 2012

The first Hungarian ice dance couple that ever qualified for the short dance at Worlds, Zsuzsanna and Máté, talked to Titanilla about scoring, injuries and new elements. Read here.

Trophee Eric Bompard 2012 Daily Photos - Day 4

November 19, 2012

Exhibition galas are always fun, both during practice and the actual show. Check out the highlights here.

Trophee Eric Bompard 2012 Daily Photos - Day 3

November 18, 2012

Free programs brought out the best in most skaters and just look at those costumes! See here.

Trophee Eric Bompard 2012 Daily Photos - Day 2

November 17, 2012

Maria and Reut had a ball during the short programs and practice on Saturday. Take a look here.

Trophee Eric Bompard 2012 Daily Photos - Day 1

November 16, 2012

This weekend the excitement has moved to Paris. Check out Reut's practice photos here.

Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte: fresh and motivated

November 15, 2012

With new coaches and bold programs, Anna and Luca are ready for battle. Read here.

Rostelecom Cup Daily 2012 Photos - Day 3

November 13, 2012

If you want another proof that exhibition galas never disappoint take a look here.

Rostelecom Cup 2012 Daily Photos - Day 2

November 12, 2012

All four disciplines reached their conclusion on Saturday. Vera and Ia show you the images. Click here.

Rostelecom Cup 2012 Daily Photos - Day 1

November 11, 2012

The fourth Grand Prix competition took place in Moscow over the weekend. See the highlights here.

Cup of Nice 2012: Blackouts, latecomers and icing on the cake

November 8, 2012

Mireille and Joy decided to return to France for this lesser known competition. Read all about its variations of 'nice', skater impressions and more here.

Mirai Nagasu is skating "story of hope" this season

November 6, 2012

Mirai won the bronze medal at Finlandia Trophy this season. Read about the changes she made in her life here.

Cup of China 2012 Daily Photos - Day 3

November 4, 2012

Cup of China concluded with a beautiful exhibition gala. Check samples here.

Cup of China 2012 Daily Photos - Day 1 & 2

November 3, 2012

Oxana is reporting from Shanghai, where she is attending the third Grand Prix event of this season. See her photos here.

Finding a hippie groove with Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat

November 2, 2012

While at the French Masters, Fabian and Nathalie talked to Cate about their preparations for the new season. Read here.

Reyna Hamui: "My sisters are still very involved in my skating"

October 30, 2012

Mexican skater Reyna Hamui caught Titanilla's eye with her skating full of soul and sparkle so let's get to know her better. Read here.

Cup of Nice 2012 Daily Photos - Day 3

October 29, 2012

The fun in Nice is over. Take a look at what happened during the last day of the competition here.

Patrick Chan: "My job isn't to judge or argue about my points, my job is to go out and produce something beautiful."

October 28, 2012

Back in April, Titanilla had a chat with Patrick right after he won his second World gold medal. What where his thoughts then, read here.

Cup of Nice 2012 Daily Photos - Day 2

October 28, 2012

Mireille and Joy had a full day in Nice yesterday. See the proof here.

Julia Zlobina and Alexei Sitnikov: "We just didn't want to quit"

October 27, 2012

Many noticed Julia and Alexei thanks to their unusual free dance at Euros 2012. If you want to learn more about them click here.

Cup of Nice 2012 Daily Photos - Day 1

October 27, 2012

While Skate Canada is taking place overseas, our crew is attending Cup of Nice, which is closer to home. Take a look at the first photos here.

It's an Artist's season for Denis Ten

October 26, 2012

Denis Ten starts his Grand Prix series in Canada. Read about the interesting concept behind his programs and more in his talk with Reut here.

Switching Skate America: On/Off the ice

October 25, 2012

Switching on the Grand Prix series with Anna's report about Skate America 2012 - on and off the ice. Read here.

Some spectacular skating in the heart of Europe -
20th Ondrej Nepela Memorial

October 24, 2012

Titanilla shares her enthusiasm for the 20th Ondrej Nepela Memorial skating competition that took place last month in her home town. Read here.

Skate America 2012 Daily Photos - Day 3

October 22, 2012

We still owed you some photos from the previous day so you get a double feature today. Look here.

Skate America 2012 Daily Photos - Day 2

October 21, 2012

Second day at Skate America was full of excitement with two sets of medals being awarded. See the proof here.

Skate America 2012 Daily Photos - Day 1

October 20, 2012

The first Grand Prix of the season is taking place in Seattle. Keiko and Anna are there and they have sent us the first batch of photos already. Click here.

Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje: "Inspiration can come from anywhere if you are open to ideas"

October 19, 2012

Skate America competitors Kaitlyn and Andrew just recently won the Ondrej Nepela Memorial. Titanilla was there and had a chat with them. Go!

A date with the Swedish skaters

October 17, 2012

Maria talked to Viktoria, Joshi and Sasha and found out what they envy about each other and more. Click!

Lucie Myslivecková and Neil Brown: "We can be crazy together, this is really cool"

October 16, 2012

Lucie and Neil just started their second season at the Nebelhorn Trophy. Titi talked to them about their new partnership and more. Read here.

Report from the 44th Nebelhorn Trophy 2012

October 14, 2012

Only 2 weeks ago it seemed like the whole figure skating world was in Oberstdorf. Lena captures some of the special moments for you. Read here.

Album: Friends on Ice 2012

October 11, 2012

Where a report appears, often photos follow. Here are more of Keiko's lovely shots of the show. Click!

Friends on Ice 2012

October 9, 2012

Atsuko and Sei tell you all about the 7th edition of this star filled show in Yokohama, accompanied by Keiko's great photos. Read here.

Finlandia Trophy 2012 Daily Photos - Day 3

October 8, 2012

The competition ended with the free dance and the ladies' free program. Ia's camera was quite busy during practice, too. Click.

Finlandia Trophy 2012 Daily Photos - Day 2

October 7, 2012

This day was for the free programs of the men, and the short of the ladies and ice dance. Ia captured some great moments for you. Click.

Finlandia Trophy 2012 Daily Photos - Day 1

October 6, 2012

Ia is spending the weekend in Espoo attending Finlandia Trophy. Check out her photos here.

Costumes on Ice - part III

October 4, 2012

Would the men prefer simple black costumes? Reut asked Jorik, Denis, Michal and Stéphane. Click here.

Nebelhorn Trophy 2012 Daily Photos - Day 3

September 30, 2012

The competition may be over, but we still owe you EMJO's awesome photos of day 3. Click here.

Nebelhorn Trophy 2012 Daily Photos - Day 2

September 29, 2012

Day 2 was here with even more beautiful skating. Click here.

Nebelhorn Trophy 2012 Daily Photos - Day 1

September 28, 2012

First batch of photos taken by EMJO and Reut in Oberstdorf has been added to the gallery. Click here.

Four reasons why you should come to the Nebelhorn Trophy

September 26, 2012

Read why starting your season with this competition became a nice tradition for fans, journalists & skaters. Click!

Backstage album: Beyond the programs

September 25, 2012

AS photographers do not only take photos when the skaters skate their programs. Enjoy this "bonus album" from past season. Go!

Kurt Browning had a vision - the making of the 2012 Stars on Ice show

September 20, 2012

Choreographing a show is about dreams and visions but also about harsh reality. Read how the 2012 version of SOI came about. Click!

Costumes on Ice - part II

September 14, 2012

Do the ladies (also) dress to impress? Reut talks to Carolina, Anaïs, Elizaveta, Adelina and Alissa about how to look good for a good performance and more. Read here

Justus Strid: "For the children I coach I'm the biggest star in the world"

September 7, 2012

A skater with real fan-memorable programs deserves a nice introduction by our own Titanilla. Get to know more about Justus here

Photo album Artistry on Ice: Red Temptation

August 31, 2012

Fannie took more photos than we used for the report of this fabulous show. Check them out here

Artistry on Ice: Red Temptation

August 24, 2012

This star filled show is a feast for Chinese skating fans. Fannie does not just describe the show, but also what the skaters commented about it. Read here

Costumes on Ice - part I

August 18, 2012

In ice dance, the most theatrical of all skating disciplines, costumes are a big part of the impression. Anna, Piper and Kaitlyn reveal the stories behind their costumes and more in their talk with Reut. Read here

Canadian Stars On Ice 2012 - the Vancouver show

August 12, 2012

Anna did not just go to Seattle, but also to Vancouver, curious as she was about the development of the show and the influence of the cast changes. Read here.

Album: Dreams On Ice 2012

August 6, 2012

Atsuko told you why the show is special in words, Keiko does the same in images. Check out her photos here.

Dreams On Ice 2012

August 1, 2012

“Dreams On Ice is special”, both Daisuke Takahashi and Miki Ando said. Want to know why? Atsuko tells it all. Read here.

Olympic photo excitement - More from the 1st Winter Youth Games

July 26, 2012

With the opening of the London Olympic Games upcoming, Reut’s photos take us back to the Youth Olympics held earlier this year in Austria. Enjoy!

World Synchronized Skating Championships 2012

July 20, 2012

Team Sweden 1 skating in their home country took the gold home as well. Maria was there to witness it, camera attached. Check out the photos here.

Kurt Browning: "I just don't think that skating should be predictable."

July 15, 2012

Tina caught up with Kurt Browning in the middle of the Canadian Stars on Ice tour for a long chat. Read here.

Photo Album: Detroit Skating Club: Around The World

July 10, 2012

Keiko travelled all the way to Detroit for this star filled show. Check out her amazing photographs here.

World Team Trophy 2012

July 5, 2012

Although postponed last year due to the big earthquake in Japan, the competition returned this spring with a vengeance. Read here.

Photo Album: Art on Ice Shanghai 2012

June 28, 2012

Usually a sneak peek means that more is coming. So also in this case. Check out Fannie's photos of the show plus a bonus here. Click.

All That Skate Spring 2012

June 23, 2012

Korean figure skating fans got treated by yet another edition of Yuna Kim's show. Sun tells you about the impressive line up, it's theme and more. Click.

Album: Toronto Stars on Ice 2012

June 18, 2012

Armed with her camera, Debi tried to reflect the show's interwoven theme of Love and Life in her awesome shots. Click here.

Lukáš Csölley: "It takes time to get used to each other and to find our style"

June 13, 2012

Slovakian Lukáš forms an ice dance team with Italian Federica Testa. Titanilla talked to him about partnership, their mutual goals etc. Click.

Album: Stockholm Ice 2012

June 7, 2012

Maria and Lena do not just share their impressions, but also their great photos. Check them out here.

Miki Ando: "My dream was to become a coach"

May 31, 2012

Skating fans who attended Stockholm Ice this year got a chance to see one of the skaters who recently decided to return to competition: Miki Ando of Japan. Maria and Lena had a chat with her. Read here.

Sneak peek Art on Ice Shanghai 2012

May 27, 2012

Having been to the practice with her camera, Fannie grants us a sneek peak of this amazing show with stars as Daisuke Takahashi, Sarah Meier and many more. Check out her lovely photos here.

Stockholm Ice 2012

May 24, 2012

The third edition of the star filled show took place in Sweden and of course Lena and Maria were there. Read their impressions here.

Farewell to a colleague: Marina Johansson

May 20, 2012

With a heavy heart we say goodbye to a colleague we miss very much. Read here.

Valentina Marchei: "I've never had such a close team"

May 15, 2012

After ankle and knee injuries, finally back competing at Worlds level, Valentina explains the importance of coaches and faith. Read more here.

Kim Lucine: "Maybe one day this move gets my name"

May 9, 2012

Representing Monaco, Kim Lucine was very happy to qualify for the free program at Worlds in Nice. Read here.

"Kings on Ice" returns to Bucharest

May 2, 2012

"Kings on Ice" took Bucharest by storm for the second time this spring, amazing the audience with its crop of top skaters. Read Ia's impressions about the show and interview with Ari Zakarian here.


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