Swiss Nationals 2010 in Lugano

Part III

By Reut Golinsky, Tatiana Geikhman
Photo © Reut Golinsky

Medal ceremony

The medal ceremony was very warm and homey with many happy faces and a lot of jokes and laughter. Everyone took pictures with everyone else. There were no losers there; everybody was a winner.

1. St├ęphane Lambiel (PC Gen├Ęve), 244.23
2. Jamal Othman (SC Bern), 199.45
3. Mikael Redin (EC K├╝rnacht), 177.41

1. Sarah Meier (B├╝lacher EC), 183.47
2. Bettina Heim (Winterthurer SC), 156.53
3. Romy B├╝hler (EC K├╝snacht), 138.24

1. Anaïs Morand/Antoine Dorsaz (PC Monthey), 152.52

1. Ramona Elsener/Florian Roost (B├╝lacher EC/EC Frauenfeld), 136.31
2. Leonie Krail/Oscar Peter (EC Frauenfeld EC/EC K├╝snacht), 126.14

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