World Synchronized Skating Championships 2010:
Interview with team captain Angelica Davids
of the South African team


By Marina Johansson
Photos © EkovisionPhotos


Welcome back to the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships.
It was 6 years since we last saw your team at Worlds, how does it feel?

I feel proud, very proud to be here representing my country. I´m also very happy we have a full team.

What are your expectations?

Learn new things and have a lot of fun.

What are you skating to this season?

In the short program we skate to “Here I am” from Spirit by Bryan Adams and in the free program we have Ka – Cirque du Soleil by Rene Dupere.

You have the greatest number of men on your team, there are 5 of them.
Most teams have just girls and maybe one man. What is your secret?

All of us girls on the South African team are so beautiful that the men want to join and be a part of the team. :)

You have some of the oldest members in this championship as well, what is the age range in the team?

16-37 years old.

How many teams, which you know of, are active in Africa?

We have a senior, a junior and a novice team in Capetown.

When do you usually start learn how to figure skate in Capetown?

We usually start skating at 15 years of age and that is really late, but it is getting better now with younger people getting to enjoy skating as well.

What teams have been your favourites here at Worlds?

Marigold Ice Unity from Finland and Black Ice from Canada.

Thank you for taking your time to answer some questions for us. We really hope to see you at Worlds in Finland 2011. Best of luck!


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