Captured: St├ęphane Lambiel


By Reut Golinsky
Cartoon image © Katrine Shantal

St├ęphane Lambiel has zillions of interviews nowadays and of course he is often asked the same questions, like how was Vancouver? What will he do next? Will he continue competing? I decided to talk to him about those things but in a slightly different way. He gladly agreed to participate in this claiming that different should be fun. And I really hope it was. At least it was for me!

The task he got was to fill out a special form I'd prepared for him, which should reflect the state he is in now; a crossroad in life, deciding where to go. I asked him to really think and write down his thoughts, feelings, things he possesses now and will continue with in his life.

For the fans who follow his career and read his interviews I'd like to propose some fun too: before you continue reading, fill in the blanks "for St├ęphane" and try to guess what he wrote, and then compare your answers to his. I guessed a few things right and I think you might too!

The form looks like this (click on the image to enlarge):

The empty spaces, starting from the bottom clockwise, define:

  • the foundation upon which I'm standing
  • my tools, meaning advantages and skills I have now and can use in my life
  • my thoughts
  • my feelings

Are you ready to check out St├ęphane's answers?











(click on the image to enlarge)

As I wanted him to feel at ease as much as possible I told him to write in French, which he partially did. But for those of you who prefer English, here's a translation:

  • my foundation: (my) family
  • my tools:
    • passion
    • figure skating (skills)
    • (power of) expression
    • (providing) help to (those) who need my help
  • my thoughts:
    • I am enjoying my life, (I'm) very lucky to travel and meet new people while at the same time doing my passionate "job"!!!
  • my feelings:
    • (very busy because there are) too many things to do
    • I would like to have twice as much time in a day
      (- Only twice? I would like to have ten times more time!
      - Yeah, me too. But twice sounds more reasonable)

    • excited

This is what "St├ęphane Lambiel of March 2010" looks like. I promised to give him the same test in ten years again. So... stay tuned until then! Or at least until the full interview with him appears on Absolute Skating; coming soon.


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