2010 World Synchronized Skating Championships:
The Medallists - Team Rockettes, Marigold Ice Unity and Haydenettes


By Marina Johansson
Photos © EkovisionPhotos


Team Rockettes, Marigold Ice Unity and Haydenettes.

Congratulations on winning your medals.
Rockettes, this is your second gold medal at Worlds. How does it feel?

It feels wonderful! We skated from the heart. We are confident in ourselves and it shows. We have an incredible coach, who motivates us to become better skaters. We love her programs and we love her. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts.

Marigold Ice Unity, how does it feel to win the silver medal?

We fought a lot to get out there and to reach the audience with our performances. Being 5th after the short and still being able to win the silver is good so we are very happy.

Haydenettes, this is your first medal at worlds. Congratulations, how does it feel?

We are in disbelief right now. It has been tough and we have been 4th so many times just missing out on the podium. We had two personal best scores when it came to the skating. It was hard when our new coach, Finnish Saga, came to the States, but now it works great and we are so happy with our team organization and especially our coach. We are so glad to get rewarded for our hard work.

All teams on the podium have coaches from Finland, and back in Finland we have last year’s silver medallists Unique looking for a place in the next World Championships in Helsinki. How is the rivalry between the teams in Finland?

All teams feel the rivalry but it makes us all work harder and focus more on making sure that we perform our absolute best both in national and international competitions.

All teams here at Colorado Springs have had to deal with the high altitude. How has it affected your training and competition here at Worlds?

It was a bit hard in the beginning but we took it slow getting into it step by step several days before the competition started. We got with the program and during the competition we were so into it so we didn't think about it (Rockettes).

The adrenaline kicks in and you just focus on doing your best skate ever. (Marigold IU).

After nationals we started with breathing exercises and when we came here to Colorado Springs we could feel it a bit but it didn't make any difference for our skating. (Haydenettes).

What draws you to synchro?

Being part of a team. Be able to combine art and the physical effort of a tough sport. It is theatre, art and sharp skating all made into this great sport. We just love it!


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