Bronislava Dobi√°šov√°: "I prefer the elegant style"

November 4, 2014
By Titanilla Bőd (√öj Sz√≥)
Photos © Stanislav Mitick√Ĺ

Elegance and grace – these are the first words you think of when you see her on the ice. She could be the new hope of Slovakian figure skating. Bronislava Dobiášová is 16 years old and last year she won the Nationals. At the beginning of the current season, she placed 10 th  at the Ondrej Nepela Memorial in Bratislava. After her long program, we had a little chat.

How did you feel competing in front of your home crowd?

I felt great! The atmosphere was superb. I was a bit nervous, because I skated my senior LP for the first time this season, but I felt confident and I said ‘whatever will be will be’. My family and friends from my club and skaters from all over Slovakia were here to support me.

Did this support give you more energy or did it put some pressure on you?

At first it made me a bit worried, because you can never know what the reaction will be, what the others will say, but in the end I said ‘I’m skating for myself, and will show my best’.

Are you satisfied with your performance?

It could have been better, but it was fine for the first senior competition of the year.

How did you start figure skating?

It happened thanks to my father. I started skating just in circles and later on I started to like it more and more. I’m glad that people like my skating, but I want to stay down-to-earth, I don’t like pressure on me. I have to take it step by step.

What are your goals in this sport?

As every athlete I dream about Olympics, but we will see. I hope one day I can achieve that.

What are your training conditions and how much time do you spend on the ice?

In my club in Nové Mesto, the conditions are the best in Slovakia. We have the whole ice rink and we can have as much ice time as we want. The elite skaters of the club have three practices per day and I can say that we have really great opportunities for training. I have one practice in the morning during school time and the other two in the afternoon.

How can you manage school and practices at the same time?

I have an individual school plan, but of course I try to go to school as often as possible, but I can’t say I overdo it! (laughs) I go to a sports high school so all of my classmates do some sports, but I’m the one who dedicates the most time to it. My classmates support me.

What is your favourite memory, your biggest experience in figure skating?

It was the JGP in Košice last year, where everyone came to see and support me. It was fantastic. Another good experience was when I became national champion.

Which is your favourite element?

I can’t say it because I would jinx it. But I like Axel and Salchow.

How do you choose the music that you skate to?

I try to find a style which fits me, but of course the coaches also have their say, and sometimes even my parents.

What about the program itself?

As for the choreography, I also have an influence, because I know what I like and what my strengths are.

Do you have any dream music you would love to skate to?

One day I’d like to try something in the style of the Charleston and I would also enjoy some romantic program.   

You are so elegant and graceful on the ice.

It is figure skating (the Slovak expression for it is krasokorčuľovanie, literally “beauty-skating”), so you have to create something beautiful on ice. I prefer the elegant style; I think it fits me the best.

Who are your role models?

As for skating, I don’t have any particular role models, but I like Carolina Kostner. My role model is mainly my father. I think if you have a role model, the most important thing is not how they skate, but what character they have. Fighting spirit is the most important in this sport and I’ve learnt this from my father.

What do you think about the fact that the 2016 Europeans will be in Bratislava?

Of course it’s my dream to skate there, but it depends on my results and performances. There are a few other girls who are also very hopeful skaters and the best of us will go.

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