Ice-dome 2007: A photo report!

by Daphne Heij

photo's © Absolute Skating

In July I was at the ice-dome camp in Oberstdorf for a week and I took a few pictures I’d like to share with you!

First, let me tell you something about Oberstdorf. Oberstdorf is a small town in southern Germany and it’s surrounded by many beautiful hills and mountains. It's very peaceful in Oberstdorf and everything is within walking distance. The only bad thing was that most of the days I was there it was raining.

At the eissportzentrum there are 3 rinks: one smaller ice surface with mirrors, one practice rink and one main rink. All the ice-dome practices took place in the main rink, some of the ice-dance practices took part in the practice rink.





Practice at the main rink:



DJ Tomas always provided everyone with very nice music from his Ipod:



While training was pretty tough and serious, there was always room for some fun:



On the day of the gala, Tomas came in with...the wig..!



He used it for an exhibition piece with Carolina that evening:



...and the day after the Gala? He showed up with it again...



On another day, eventhough he was very tired...



...he did agree to do a photoshoot:



Some people were not so happy about me taking pictures though...



Luckily later David and Kamila did want to pose for my camera. :)



Tomas and Carolina were by far the most popular skaters in Oberstdorf:


Carolina and Kristoffer both received a nice album with fanmessages while in Oberstdorf:



In the morning and afternoon there was often ice dance practice in the practice rink:



And if there wasn't ice dance practice, I was there to watch either Karel Zelenka...



...Michal Brezina...



...Ruben Blommaert...



...or many other skaters I didn't take pictures of.


I hope you enjoyed my Ice-dome photo report, I certainly enjoyed being there!



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