Music on Ice 2015: Chronicles of a Little Sunshine

Bellinzona, Switzerland

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Photographer: Anna Bertoloni

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The Laurent Tobel Entertainment announced the theme for "Music on Ice 2016" yesterday: "Cosmo", the science-fiction tale of an alien exiled to our planet.
Eager to see the new show - which will take place at the Bellinzona Sporting Center on January 15th and 16th - we would like to invite you to recall, through our photos, the beautiful story of the 2015 edition: "Chronicles of a Little Sunshine".

Act I

During a cold night in the mountains, a drunk tourist (Laurent Tobel) got lost in the beautiful region of Ticino. The fear, the dark woods, the strange noises and the icy cold prompted him to desperately look for help. Luckily, hidden among the trees he found a small hut, inhabited by the village storyteller (Maurizio Margaglio), who insisted to tell him the true story of the daughter of the Sun...

Many years ago, on the shores of a frozen lake, there was the Empire of Darkness. The young princess Anna Ovcharova, daughter of the cruel king Jozef Sabovčík, was sadly looking for a reason to joy in that cold, gloomy world.

On the other side of the lake, the inhabitants of the Kingdom of the Sun lived in peace and harmony under the reign of king Andrej Khvalko and queen Elena Leonova.

Desperately envious of their happiness, the queen of Darkness (Sarah Meier) - with the help of a naive young man (Samuel Contesti) - used her magic to cast a deadly spell on their daughter Masha Dimitri, the lovely princess called "Little Sunshine".

The messengers of death (Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte) came to bring away Little Sunshine...

... but her brother, the prince of the Sun (Stéphane Lambiel), tried to stop them - and to arrest death.

Act II

All the inhabitants of the Kingdom of the Sun (Olesia Karmi and Max Lindholm) tried to preserve hope, but Little Sunshine's life was hanging by a thread, and her parents became more and more desperate.

Suddenly, the drunk tourist tried to imagine how the story may end: could princess Anna fall in love with Samuel and run away from the Empire of Darkness with him?

Of course, no one agreed that this could be the end of the story...

... and the struggle against death continued.

Finally, the prince of the Sun decided to propose marriage to the princess of Darkness, bringing back peace between the two kingdoms and persuading the queen to break the curse. Little Sunshine's life was safe... and they lived happily ever after.

Final bows + Meet&Drink

We are sure that "Music on Ice 2016" will be another unique show, able to bring us into the special world of exquisite figure skating, acting and art. Don't miss it, tickets are already on sale on the official site!

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