Ice Fantillusion 2017: Dreams

Liedekerke, Belgium

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Photographers: Mireille Geurts & Joy

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On Sunday morning before the final show, Kevin Van Der Perren and Jenna McCorkell arranged a photoshoot. The idea was to do a fifteen minute shoot of several scenes, costumes and props included. Well, as you can imagine and see in these photos, it turned out to take a tad more time. It was a lot of fun though! I chose several "final-shots" of most scenes, because with so many people in the frame, it's hard to have everyone picture perfect plus Joy and I had slightly different angles. Next to that, I also chose a bit of the preparation, or close ups of the specific scene.

The first set up was also the opening scene of the show. After all, it makes sense to first welcome the audience, no?

Be My Guest

Nothing much special happened here, before everybody including us got on the ice. So much color in the scene, we also shot some close ups, to show the details a bit better.


And then we entered Fantasy Land, or as probably more common used in English, Neverland. It took a while for everyone to change costumes, so when I finally thought I had the shot, it turned out there were some key players missing... So now there are more final shots. ;) Which do you prefer?

Fantasy Land

Those moons look quite comfortable, but in fact, sitting on them was quite tricky. One of the girls nearly fell over with moon and all when she sat down. So they had to be quite careful. That didn't withhold the waiting girls to 'practice' some hilarious poses, while waiting for Peter Pan and the other missing fairies.


Ever tried to go down a slide with your skates on? It's not as easy as you might think, so only a few of the kids were allowed to do so. For this photo, it was important it looked like going down the slide was in process. In fact, Luna Van Schuerbeek was held up there by the guy who was usually inside the slide (to move it on the ice) and for the shot he went out of the way. Slowly but steadily she did slide downwards tho...

Neverland Slide

...Which you can see in the end photo. For the rest some positioning and close up pics.


The story of the show will be explained later, but a lamp was found so Aladin could make a wish. Here also more end shots, as we had a set up with and without flags.

A Magical Wish

The extra shots here, first some costume fixing, while Charlotte Vandersarren is attempting some original pose again. ;) Then Jenna fixes some of the positioning while already being in her next scene dress. The next photo is an attempt at a close up, but I was a little too late, luckily enough not for the mid and right-section. The last photo is Yana Hanssens posing with the genious genie Bob Raschaert.


Into the jungle we went...

The Jungle

Doesn't that hoop look comfy, the way Jenna is sitting there so elegantly?? Appearances are deceptive.. For the next photos you can see we needed a little hairy hand to get Jenna and Kevin in the right direction. Thanks Victor Stas!


Pirates shouldn't really look too friendly eh? Getting the whole group in character was an impossible feat, but nice try! We did have a little hostage situation going, pirate Bob didn't want to seem to let go of Kirana Noerens.

Hook and his Pirates

Pfffew, hostage situation resolved... The discrepancy in acting in this shot is quite funny to me. And the last shot is just a bit closer.


Quite a funny situation this. For the next set up, Giulia was a bit early (about 3 set ups actually)... and the only one on the ice, beside the photographers. So like a pro, she made some good poses for us. Thanks girl!

Giulia Castorini-wang.


We were wondering if we'd really get all 101 dalmatians on the ice... and how on earth to get all of them in the shot. The last succeeded, the first.. you can count if you want. ;) By request Bob & Yens Elkens caught an actual one (Amber de Maesschalck). Or how they put it "at least we did catch one puppy, during all these shows".

101 Dalmatians

Dalmatian Amber was not really terrified, don't worry. ;) Also some shots of waiting for more and more doggies.


Elsa (Charlotte Vandersarren) becomes the Queen and it's one giant party...or is this the actual marriage proposal from Hans (Bob) to Anna (Amber)??

The Coronation

Just a bit of positioning by Kevin, everybody pondering where do I stand what do I do. No question for Charlotte, on the stairs you go.. and stay.. and stay...


Don't get confused, this is not a ball in Arendelle. We're actually in Cinderella's story now. The position was a little hard (cold?) for Giulia to hold, so we ended up with 3 different settings. Nice!

The Royal Ball

Getting ready, waiting and having some fun. Kevin overseeing if they all look okay. And of course some close ups.


Some of the couples at the ball: Kirana & Amber, Isabelle Van de Putte & Yana. Check out the 'lovely' step-sisters by Yens and Bob, and their mom, played by Abbie Forman. Also notice the blossoming romance (Charlotte & Anja Verpoort) in the background. ;)

Guests of the Ball


And it was a wrap!!! About time too, the ice had to be resurfaced and the skaters had to get ready to skate in the actual show. And we went off the ice with some great photos... and frozen feet. ;) Totally worth it though!



For more info on the show, check out and if you missed it, check out our sneak peek of the Friday show here!

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