Scott Hamilton & Friends 2023

Nashville, TN

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Photographer: Debi Oreste

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Boot Scootin' Boogie - Cast

God Blessed Texas - Keegan Messing

Bye Bye - Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje

We Danced Anyway - Polina Edmunds

Kick A Little - Kirsten Moore Towers & Michael Marinaro

You're Gonna Miss This - Mariah Bell

Left Their Mark - Jeremy Abbott

Amazed - Mae-Berenice Meite

I'm Alright - Sk8 To Elimin8 Cancer Champions

Strawberry Wine - Alexa Knierim & Brandon Frazier

Why Does It Have To Be (Wrong Or Right) - Elladj Balde

Holes In The Floor Of Heaven - Moore-Towers/Marinaro, Abbott

Heads Carolina - Alissa Czisny

Lynda - Kurt Browning

I'll Still Be Loving You - Katia Gordeeva & David Pelletier

Ladies Love Country Boys - Nathan Chen

I Like It, I Love It - Cast

Exit Music - Cast

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