Ladies Free Program

By Helga Dobor, Titanilla Bőd
Photos © Helga Dobor

Katherine Hadford (HUN)

What do you think about your free program?

I switched some elements in my LP, because double axel is easier for me, and I wanted to have more energy at the end of the program. I landed four triples and two double axels.

Are you satisfied?

This time it was great. I haven’t done it this season yet: to skate a clean program.

Weren’t you nervous because you had to skate last in your warm-up group?

I’m already used to this situation. I was a bit excited, but when I stepped on the ice, it disappeared. I heard the crowd shouting “Hajrá Kati!” (Go Kati –ed.)

That’s how you imagined your first Europeans?

I hadn’t hoped for such a good performance. I knew I was able to do two clean programs, because I worked hard, but now, after doing it here, I’m just very, very happy!

Elena Gedevanishvili (GEO)

You were very disappointed after the short program..

It was hard for me, but I tried my very best today. Tonight I feel I gave a good performance and I did well at the practices too, and this was the best performance I’ve done this season. I didn’t lose my triple-triple combination, but I did not try it now because I knew I was not ready to land it properly.

Jenni Vahamaa (FIN)

Are you satisfied with the competition?

This competition left me wth a good feeling. I skated better than yesterday. The beginning was good where the most difficult jumps are. I got a bit tired towards the end and my technique suffered from tiredness, but the jumps were too round. Maybe there was some slight nervousness. I felt confident but I couldn’t do my absolute best. I’m satisfied with the scores, and the levels were quite high too. I will go to the Junior World’s to challenge the American girls I haven’t beaten yet this season in juniors. For next year my goal is to get to the Finnish team for the home European’s.

Anette Dytrt (GER)

What do you think of your skating?

My legs felt very heavy today. I fought until the very end and I always had the tenth place at the back of the mind. I tried to pull off the salchow at the very end. It was a better performance that at National’s.

Jenna McCorkell (GBR)

You missed the triple loop and triple flip…

I don’t know what happened and I don’t mind actually. It’s my season’s best. I came here to work on myself and I’m not disappointed at all. My skating is improving, I feel it and that’s what counts…

Carolina Kostner (ITA)

What do you think of your long program?

I have been having problems with my Lutz so I got a little scared, but the rest of the program was good so I felt confident during the performance.

I’m happy with the scores especially with the second one.

Do you think you can defend your title?

I hope I make it, but it won’t be the end of the world if I don’t.

After the winning:

I don’t even know what to say! I’m so happy! I tried to stay calm and focused all week.

Valentina Marchei (ITA)

I’m not that satisfied, although it was my season’s best. I’m not disappointed either. I was really excited because I was skating in the last group. That never happened before, not even in the junior competition, there was no sleep for me last night. I couldn’t wait to get on the ice! At the practice it was great but today not so good.

Sarah Meier (SUI)

What did you feel before your performance?

The half hour after the warm up was the worst in my life. I was so nervous. Each program seemed like it was going on for ten minutes and I didn’t feel good at all. So I’m happy with how I did and very happy to have the silver medal. I thought I have to fight until the very end, even if I’ll drop dead on to the ice at the end, but I wasn’t sure if I can do it. But I did it, and so I’m really pleased.

Júlia Sebestyén (HUN)

How do you feel after your free program?

I’m glad that I managed to do a very good LP. I had already said before the competition that a good result needs many things. This time I almost got the bronze, I missed it by a hair. But I skated well, and that’s the most important thing.

And you were also the most popular skater today.

Yes, and I felt the love of the crowd. I was getting tired during the program, but I said to myself: “It’s okay, come on, it’s going to be better.” The Hungarian fans gave me strength.

What was it like to skate the very last in the competition?

It was a bit bad after the warm-up, because I had to wait for a long time, but in some ways I’m already used to this, because I have skated last many times. I tried not to care about the others’ performance, just to concentrate on what I had to do.

Did you watch any of your rivals’ performances?

No, not at all. I never do, and I didn’t this time.


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