Ladies Short Program

By Helga Dobor, Titanilla Bőd
Photos © Helga Dobor

Ksenia Doronina (RUS)

What do you think of your short program?

Today I did everything as planned and I’ll qualify for the free skating this time. Since the Russian Championships we’ve worked on the whole short program and did run-throughs every day in practice.

You didn’t qualify for the free skating last year.

Even though it was a bad experience, it was still an experience. I knew the ambience here and I wasn’t as nervous as I was last year. I put aside all other thoughts about being Russian Champion, about the responsibility and I just went out there and did what I can do.

Why did you switch back to the last season’s Flamenco program?

I had the „Dying Swan” as music but it’s better not to die and I decided to live in Spain.

Katherine Hadford (HUN)

Are you satisfied with your short program?

It was bad with that spin, but overall I'm satisfied. And I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be. I want to place higher in the free skating.

Júlia Sebestyén (HUN)

What do you think of your short program?

I won't say I wasn't nervous, but I tried to stay relaxed and I told myself: I can do it, bravely, confidently. Except that mistake it was a beautiful short program, and I could get the levels to my elements.

And we could saw that on the scores too.

Yes, I got my seasonal best! I got higher points than at the Cup Of China, and I'm very happy about it. If I can do my best in the long program too, that would be great!

Is that the second best score in your career?

Yes, I think so. The most I got was in Turin, at the European Championships. If I could jump the Axel, it would get such high points here too.

Why didn't the Axel succeed?

I jumped it a bit earlier in head, and I went into the Axel later. I saw, that I have to jump, have to jump but there is the board - and so it didn't succeed.

Kiira Korpi (FIN)

What do you think of your short program?

I had a great feeling. I was relaxed. In the warm-up I was a bit nervous, there were supporters and noise, but I was prepared for that. I was able to get a determined but relaxed feeling. Now I’m relieved and glad that I was able to skate. I gave 110% in the last step sequence. I have always been a fighter. I don’t give up if there are setbacks. I’m annoyed that I only got a level one for the spiral sequence, maybe I didn’t hold one of the positions long enough. Also two of the spins were a bit slow.

Are you satisfied with the scores?

I don’t think it's enough to be in the lead after the short program, but it gives me a good position for the free skate.

Laura Lepistö (FIN)

What do you think of your short program?

I was relieved, relaxed, very confident and I had fun out there. I’m really annoyed about the combination, but otherwise it was a good skate. In the warm-up I noticed that my legs were shaking, I stepped out of jumps and had bad landings. Maybe I was trying too hard. I definitely attempted a triple-triple. In the past competitions I tend to double the second jump even though the first one was good. That annoyed me.

Jenna McCorkell (GBR)

What do you think of your short program?

This was the best short program of my life! I’m relieved. It’s something I know that I can do for so long and I have been trying to push it out, but I think sometimes I was trying a little bit too much. Finally, this time working with Vera and Kevin, I pulled it all together. I’ve never had 54 points in the short. I know I am capable of placing in the top ten, but if I panic too much about that I lose the focus in my actual performance.

Valentina Marchei (ITA)

Your season hasn’t started well..

Usually the beginnings are like that for me, that’s the way I am, I can’t change, but my form grew, my goal was to skate perfect here in Zagreb and I did.

Carolina Kostner is here to defend her title, how do you feel about it?

I came here as an Italian Champion and now Carolina is here, it’s not very motivating, but being close to her means that I’m in the top two and that is what matters.

Tugba Karademir (TUR)

You achieved your seasonal best scores in this program. Are you satisfied?

I’ve been doing great in practices all week. I was glad I could show everyone what I can do. Because my problem is usually that I do everything great in practices and during the competition my nerves get to me.

You had many supporters here..

This is the first time they arranged a little tour from Turkey, because I did so well last year. It means a lot to a skater to have supporters.

Sarah Meier (SUI)

How do you feel after the short program?

Obviously I’m not very happy, because I made a mistake on the Salchow. We changed my solo jump from flip to Salchow, because I got a deduction for the edge change and I got only 3.5 points for my flip. I feel more comfortable with the flip, but anyway, this mistake could have happened with the flip as well. I still tried to do the rest as good as I could and my points are ok.

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