Men press conference

By Helga Dobor
Photos © Helga Dobor

Tomas Verner (CZE)

I apologize because I’m speechless at the moment. I am so happy although this wasn’t my best performance. I left my heart today on the ice and judges and the audience recognized that. This gold medal is for my team, it is a final product of a great teamwork. Thanks the guy UP there that He let me out from this hospital business this time, (Thank God He left me outside the hospital this time) because I had so many injuries already in my young sport life. And don’t worry, I didn’t say my last word, there’s plenty for me to say and show.

You skated first of the top contenders…

I had no problems with that, they had to watch me and to be afraid of me, so today it was a good thing.

My form grew through the season. Paris was a total disaster. It couldn’t have been worse. It was better in Japan, and look at me at now, I’m European Champion!

What do you think of Sergei Voronov?

Actually I’m not in the position to talk about other skaters, I can only say that I’ve known him for a long time and he is a great skater, but you need to prove much more, like your mental strength. It’s hard to say that he is a top star, but he’s on the right way.


Stéphane Lambiel (SUI)

Well, tonight was a special night and I enjoyed skating here. It was a great fight and you could feel the stress in the dressing room. I used the stress in my performance and I skated with my heart and passion. I hoped until the very end to win, but it didn’t happen. There are not my last European Championships, so I’ll be back next year and fight to win!


Brian Joubert (FRA)

For me it’s difficult. I’m very disappointed about the third place. Since the beginning of the season it has been difficult for me. I have had a lot of problems. I was not in good condition to be ready for this competition, although today it was better. It was not a good performance, though. I look forward to the World Championships. I don’t like to be third, I want to be first, that’s it.

How did you feel during the program?

I didn’t do a good job but I gave everything, 100%, I couldn’t have done better. Like I said, I was sick, had some back problems. This season is very difficult for me, but now I’m thinking about Worlds, there are two months to get ready.

What do you think of Sergei Voronov?

I was focused on my job. He didn’t make mistakes so he must be mentally strong. He is still learning, he doesn’t have a lot of experience and he will learn from every competition. I think after 2010 he will be very good.


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