Original Dance

By Helga Dobor
Photos © Helga Dobor

Christina Beier – William Beier (GER)

Are you satisfied with your program?

Christina Beier: We are very pleased with the levels that we got. We got exactly what we were aiming for.

William Beier: Technically we did the best we could, and also the performance was very good. I wouldn’t just say that we skated worse since the last season when we competed, but that we have improved in spite of the injury. As you can see in the technical marks, we improved, for example in our lifts. We have to stand in line again and fight for moving up again.

Oksana Domnina – Maxim Shabalin (RUS)

You had an error on the twizzles.

Oksana Domnina: Yes. It was our mistake. It’s too bad. There is no more to say about it. You never know. If something doesn’t go well on the warm up, you start to worry and get nervous. If the warm up goes well, you start to loose control.

Maxim Shabalin: We did twizzles so well in the warm up that maybe we lost a bit control in the actual performance.

How did you choose this music?

Maxim Shabalin: It was an idea of our choreographer. He danced to it in other countries and said it was always very well received from the very beginning.

Nathalie Pechalat – Fabian Bourzat (FRA)

What do you think of the result, scores?

Nathalie Pechalat: All the levels were better than we have got before, but Fabian didn’t feel very good on ice. And the spin level was only level two.

Fabian Bourzat: We didn’t work a lot on the spin before we came here. It was the last element we practiced since my injury. We might have done some of the elements better at some of the Grand Prix events. But we came here with a new step sequences and we got level four for them and that is good for us.

Federica Faiella – Massimo Scali (ITA)

How do you feel after the original dance?

Massimo Scali : We feel ok, just a little bit disappointed with the level three for two elements, because we skated a very clean performance today. We were good and we felt really comfortable, especially in the step sequences. I don’t know why it was, especially in the straight side-by-side, we always got four, in the two Grand Prix competitions too. We don’t really know why.

But anyway, I’m satisfied with a really good job today, we felt very comfortable on the ice, everyone could feel that. We are happy – however these Europeans are very hard for me, we don’t have any judge here, so we really have to skate without help. For tomorrow we want to be focused and try to do our best and we are gonna fight, of course!

Good Luck for tomorrow!

Sinead Kerr – John Kerr (GBR)

What do you think of your performance?

Sinead Kerr: The audience was absolutely fantastic for us. I think they liked the man in the skirt more than me. Any country understands that doing your own national dance and wearing national clothes is something very special and we felt very special, our pride was mixed with the adrenalin and we enjoyed in representing our country to the audience. We came here with the hope, the hope that we will win a medal, anything can happen if we skate well, we won’t give up!

Jana Khokhlova – Sergei Novitski (RUS)

How do you feel now?

Jana Khokhlova: At first we want to thank the Russian fans that came here to support us! It really helps! I was nervous before the competition, but as soon as I stepped on the ice, I calmed down. It felt easy to skate. Of course you don’t want to loose the bronze medal but we just have to do our best and the judges will decide.

Sergei Novitski : I messed up with the last twizzle a bit. I’m not sure if that had an influence. We’ll have to look it again. We feel great here, there is such a great reception from the audience! There are Russian fans, who travelled to Croatia to support us.

We are looking forward to the free dance!

Isabelle Delobel – Olivier Schoenfelder (FRA)

How do you feel after the original dance?

Isabelle Delobel: We can be very satisfied with what we did today. We really got into it. I was a bit tense in the beginning, and then it’s easy to make errors, but I think we dealt well with it. We’ll go into it with positive emotions. We had great practices here all week and we have new costumes. We’ll really have to do well, but I think that’s exactly what we will do with our Piano Lesson.



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