Quotes from the pairs after the free program

By Helga Dobor
Photos © Helga Dobor

Laura Maggiteri – Ondrej Hotarek (ITA)

 Are you satisfied with your program?

Laura Maggiteri : We just went on the ice and I felt I had no power.

Until l ast week we did it. We were a little tired and I jumped little strange that gave him a problem having me on the shoulder and we couldn’t do it. But it was only one competitions and another time we will show it.


Yuko Kawaguchi – Alexander Smirnov (RUS) bronze

Alexander Smirnov : I don’t want to comment.

Yuko Kawaguchi: Lately we always skated first in our group, so this made no difference. Now we just have to sit back, watch and wait for the others to skate. There is nothing else we can do.

You landed the quad…

Yuko Kawaguchi: Yes. We were trying it on almost every competition and I’m happy we landed it here at the Europeans Championships.

Before the medal ceremony:

Alexander Smirnov : After our performance I didn’t expect to medal at all. I was very upset, because I didn’t do my job at all tonight, not even at 50 percent.


Maria Mukhortova and Maxim Trankov (RUS) silver

Maxim Trankov: We feel very drained from our performance. We skated very badly; we had problems with the jump because it w asn’t so powerful. I don’t know what was wrong but we have just medalled and that’s the important. To be in the top three in our debut at Europeans is not bad!

Congratulations to your results!

Maxim Trankov: Thank you very much!

Aliona Savchenko – Robin Szolkowy (GER) gold

Robin Szolkowy : I am not totally pleased as I didn’t do my triple Salchow. Overall I wasn’t so pleased with the solo jumps, I made a few mistakes. But the performance was quite good tonight. We have a lot to do before Worlds. Our main rivals will come from China and Russia.

Aliona Savchenko : I felt heavy on the ice. I told myself I can do this and I stood up. But I can’t say right now that I’m really happy, maybe tomorrow I will be.



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