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Adrian Alvarado

Adrian was born on the 2nd of August, 1983 in Mexico City, Mexico. He lives and studies in Mexico City. He started to skate at age 14, in 1997. He is coached and choreographed by Elena Loboda, is 175 cm tall, likes reading, computers and dancing. He has to divide his energy between his University studies and skating.

He is a very friendly and nice guy, but please come and find out for yourself on the official site:) Enjoy!

And a welcome message from Adrian:

Que onda!!! You are very welcome to my website.
My great passion is figure skating even though I live in a very sunny and hot country (lol). For me, Figure Skating is the most beautiful sport of all. And it's not just a sport, but also an art. I hope you will enjoy my homepage and also my skating - I hope to be at the same competition as you someday. See you!


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